President Circle Members

New and Renewed President’s Circle Members

Ben ‘59 and Linda ’59 Abbott
Kenneth ’61 and Rhoda ‘61 Bell
James and Ann Call
Roger ’63 and Jan Clark
First United Methodist Church of Henderson
Darrell and Denise Higginbotham             
J. Rogers Badgett Sr. Foundation
Neil Jesse ‘62
Ann Kincheloe
Allen ’60 and Penny Kirtley
William ’58 and Janice Lacefield
Lawrence Augusta Hager Educational Foundation
Mitchell ’92 and Laurie ’92 Major
Jerry ’60 and June Miller
Robert ’60 and Vivian ’60 Rice
Dick ’67 and Barbara ’65 Romer
Keith ’65 and Elissa Sanders
Charles ’72 and Nancy ’71 Schmeal
A.J. Smith ‘71    
Merrylen Sparks ‘57
Wesley Whistle ‘12
Sarah Williams Williams ‘60
Fred Wright ‘80 

Current President’s Circle Members

Ernest Abernathy ‘55
All American / All Sports Club     
American Patriot Getaways
W. Steve Anderson ‘66
Association of American Colleges and Universities
Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities
Atmos Energy
Kenneth and Rose Ayers
B.J. Killian Foundation
Gordon and Connie Lou Barnett
Bruce Barrett ‘53
Charles Bea
Mike ’78 and Cathy ’78 Bishop
John ’68 and Joanna ’69 Blaney
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners LP
William Bowling ‘56
Darren and Lori Brandon
Dennis Brown ‘87
Russell and Kate Burton
Tom ’58 and Pat ’58 Burton
Calvert City United Methodist Church
Margaret Cambron ‘78
Canteen At Your Service
Randy ‘57 and Joan ’60 Capps
Carson-Myre Charitable Foundation
Greg and Dana Catron
W. Hershell Cave ‘61
Shelley Darrell Chatfield
Paul W. Chellgren
Jeff ’89 and Gretchen Chenault
Evelyn Clark
Martha Fitts Clark
Roy ’46 and Margie Clark
Noel ’81 and Brenda Clayton
John Combs
Henry and Nancy ’76 Connor
Billy Joe ’52 and Velma Cox
James and Mary Crawford
Robert Dalzell ‘68*
President Bart Darrell ‘84
Bracken and Maria Darrell
Robert Darrell ‘84
Carol Combs Daugherty ‘51
Daviess County Pork Producers
Ernie Davis
Deborah Carter Dearing ‘79
Paula Dehn        
Janna Duncan Demarsh ‘87
Sandra Dickinson ‘57      
Anna Dixon-Skidmore                                   
Don Moore Automotive
Lydia Dorman ‘82
Richard Dowse
James Dunlop ‘84
E.M. Ford & Company
Diane Earle
Ebelhar Whitehead, PLLC
Thomas ’68 and Susan Eblen
Joe and Sherry ‘83 Feldpausch
Judith Ford ‘61
William ’68 and Mary Ann ’69 Foree
Foreman, Watson, Holtrey LLP
Kenneth Foster
Wayne ’69 and Kathy Foster
Nancy Franklin ‘48
John ’60 and Anita ’59 Freer
Danny ’67 and Marcia ‘67 Garland
Jerry and Rebecca Garner
Mary Catherine Gilliam ‘53
Glenn Funeral Home
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Kelly Frank Green ‘96
Greenwell Chisolm
George and Gertrude Greenwell
Tom ’78 and Cheryl ’79 Grieb
Jim Griffin ‘86
J. Todd Hall ‘90
Sonny ’71 and Christy Hall
James Hancock ‘63
Robert and Nancy ’59 Hansen
Brandon Harlan ‘04
Arthur and Debra Harreld
Robert ’83 and Holly ’90 Hast
Beverly Hemphill ‘56
George ‘48 and Martha ’48 Henry*
Ernie and Evelyn Hiatt
James Hilliard
Erlene Himes
David ’59 and Marcia Hocker
Mary Jane Nunley Hocker ‘59
Talmage ’85 and Rosemary Hocker
Holston Conference United Methodist Church Foundation
Mike ’75 and Paula Horn
Edna Horrell
Billy Pat ’60 and Ruthie ’62 Hume
Independence Bank
Corey ’00 and Ashley Johnson
Bill ’62 and Gerry ’62 Jones
Tom and Kendra Keith
Arba Kenner ‘74
Kentucky Annual Conference United Methodist Church
Kentucky United Methodist Foundation Inc.
H. Lee Kincaid ‘84
Mildred Poe Kincaid ‘46
Doug ’61* and Linda ’62 Kingsley
John Kirkland    
Dennis ‘65 and Brenda Kirtley    
Ed ’93 and Jodi ’93 Krahwinkel
Raymond and Nancy ’74 Kramer
Scott ’87 and Penny ’86 Kramer
William Kuegel
L.P. Express LLC
Donna O’Bryan Larkin ‘79
Scott ’97 and Kristin Littleton
Frances Lucas    
Lynco Security
W.L. Magnuson and Kirsten Ahnell
Thomas ‘79 and Donna Major
Rob and Holly Mallory
Marilyn & William Young Charitable Foundation
Charles and Susan Martin            
Matt ’08 and Elizabeth ‘08 Martin
Michiko Matsumoto
T. Frederick May
Memorial United Methodist Church
Tom ’63 and Susan Meredith
Michael E. Horn Family Foundation
Modern Welding
Brad Moore
Julie Moralez
Trudy Ellis Morris ‘40
Joseph ’79 and Lynn Morton
Doug ’52 and Betty Jean ’53 Moseley
Jesse and Helen Mountyjoy
William Munday
Dennis and Thelma Newberry
Amy Coleman Noble ‘93
Jean Nofsinger                 
Owensboro Christian Church
Owensboro District United Methodist Church    
Owensboro Grain           
Owensboro Health
Gus ’02 and Elizabeth Paris
John and Delynn Paris
Roger ’69 and Meta ’68 Parker
Mark Perko ‘78
Julianne Perry
Kathryn Vititow Phillips ‘91
Wes and Carol Poling
Mike and Ann Pollio
Claud and Karen Porter
Wanda Prater ‘63
Tab and Vicki Quisenberry
Randall ‘66 and Sherry Raskin    
Jimmy Ray and Cindra Stiff
Real Living Home Realty
Robert ’60 and Vivian ’60 Rice
Gregory Risch ‘93
Tonya Robinson ‘79
Robert Robinson
Joe Roop ‘56
Buddy ’79 and Margaret Rogers
Charles Rogers ‘59
Matthew G. Ruark ‘09
Betty Rush         
J. Charles ’62 and Margaret ’59 Schertzinger
David and Megan ’03 Schulte     
Mitch ’83 and Kimberly Settle
Settle Memorial United Methodist Church
Ruth Clark Seydel ‘64
Steve and Debra Seymour
Keith Sharber
Phillip Shepherd
Eric and Catherine ‘95 Sherrard
Charles Smith    
Jay ’85 and Marian ’85 Smith
Glenn ’53 and Charlotte ’56 Sowards
Harry ’60 and Mary Spurrier
Emogene Stephenson ‘59
Angelos Stergiou ‘97″
Don ’65 and Martha ’63 Stroud
Christie Kell Stumpf ‘69
Brandon ’01 and Andrea ’01 Tackett
Patricia Talbort
Joyce Taylor       
Lisa Terrazino
George ’69 and Seretha ’71 Tinsley                                                                                         
Thomas Turbeville
U.S. Bank & Mortgage
Unifirst Corporation
Vance Valerio
Richard Waddle ‘72
Michael Wade ‘80
Jeanette Ward ‘67
David ’72 and Sharon ‘69 Watkins
Richard Weaver               
Jack ’77 and Gina Wells 
Wesleyan Heights United Methodist Church       
Jeffrey D. White ’72        
Luther White*
Lyndal and Rebecca ’83 Whitehead
Kenneth Whitfield                                                                                          
Eleanor Whitmore
Douglas ’83 and Kathleen ’84 Wilson
Sue D. Woods
John and Kathy Wright  
Yager Materials
Yeager Charitable Trust
Richard ’57 and Nancy ’58 Zimmerman