Course Descriptions – Business

BA 1300 Business, Entrepreneurship and Consultancy – 3 hours. This interactive course is an introduction to entrepreneurship, innovation and management. The course will cover how to plan and organize a business, how to manage and operate a business, and basic financial and human resource plans and controls. Students will also be introduced to how each of these disciplines intersect and support the other. Offered fall semester.

BA 1310 Personal Finance – 3 hours. An introductory course in financial planning, money management, income and asset protection, investment planning and retirement and estate planning.

BA 1311 Business Software Applications – 3 hours. Introduction to the use of information technology for spreadsheet analysis and financial decision making in a business environment. Offered online only.

BA 2361 Principles of Marketing – 3 hours. A study of the fundamentals of marketing which includes identification of the market, design of the product or service, communication and promotion, pricing and distribution. The relationship of marketing and society will be examined. Offered fall semester.

BA 3195, 3295, 3395 Internship – 1-3 hours. Designed to provide actual on-the-job learning experiences in which a student works with a single sponsoring organization in either the public or private sector under the supervision of a faculty member. A student may be eligible for an internship with apposition he or she currently holds. Students may earn up to 6 credit hours of internship. Prerequisites: Junior standing, completed 30 hours in business administration and make formal application to the program director. Offered every semester.

BA 3325 Business Law – 3 hours. The principles and rules of law which comprise the legal framework of business: contracts, agency, commercial paper, personal property and sale of goods. Prerequisites: BA1300 and junior status. Offered every fall semester.

BA 3326 Advanced Business Law – 3 hours. The principles and rules of law which comprise the legal framework of business: partnerships, corporations, insurance, security devices, bankruptcy, trusts and estates and government regulations. Prerequisite: BA 3325. Offered irregularly.

BA 3327 Employment Law – 3 hours. Analysis of legislation designed to protect working and living standards of American workers and its implementation by government agencies. Examination of antidiscrimination law, occupational safety and health, social security, and unemployment insurance. Prerequisite: BA1300, BA 3354 and BA3325.Offered spring semester.

BA 3330 Compensation and Benefits – 3 hours. This course will help students understand the theoretical basis for compensation and other rewards systems and provide a practical understanding of how compensation and reward systems work. The economic, psychological and strategic aspects of rewards systems are covered. A series of exercises provide hands-on experience with major compensation and rewards practices. Prerequisite: BA3354. Offered fall semester.

BA 3331 Training and Development – 3 hours. This interactive, theoretically anchored, and applied course is aimed at understanding the processes and practices of developing human business talent. It covers how organizations train and develop their employees, performance management as an evaluative and developmental tool, and the strategic development of talent framed within the context of talent leadership. Prerequisite: BA3354 and PSY 3307. Offered fall semester.

BA 3332 Staffing and Career Development – 3 hours. This course focuses on the effective management of the flow of talent into and through organizations, including career management. It covers human resource planning, recruiting and selection, career development and career transitions. Topics will include self-assessments, professional skill-development, career ladders, labor market/occupational trends, and creating work-life balance. Students will be required to attend several Career Development events throughout the course of the semester. Prerequisite: BA3354, PSY 3307 and PSY 3312 or PSY 3304.

BA 3341 Principles of Financial Management – 3 hours. An introductory course in the acquisition and use of fund. Topics include the time value of money, risk, financial analysis, capital investment decision making, the sources of financing and the management of current assets. Prerequisites: ACCT 2312, BA1300, ECON 2331 and ECON 2332. Offered every semester.

BA 3345 Business and Professional Writing – 3 hours. This course introduces students to the art of writing business documents, from emails to memoranda to reports to letters. In addition, students will learn the best ways to present data to enhance decision making, and have the experience of making meeting agenda and facilitating a meeting. Cross listed with ENG3345. Offered fall or spring semester.

BA 3353 Operations Management – 3 hours. Analytical methods used in production management. Design and layout of production systems. Planning and control of inventory, schedules, projects, quality. Prerequisites: BA1300 and BA3359. Offered every other spring semester in even numbered years.

BA 3354 Human Resource Management – 3 hours. Study of the recruitment, selection, development, compensation and utilization of human resources in the firm. Prerequisites: BA 1300 and junior status. Offered every fall.

BA 3355 Organizational Behavior – 3 hours. Human interaction with the work environment. The manager’s role in change, motivation, organization and conflict. Historical as well as current theories of behavior within organizations. Prerequisites: BA1300 and junior status. Offered online only.

BA 3356 Industrial Relations – 3 hours. The study of significant labor laws, major court decisions in labor cases and the intent and effect of above on organizing, collective bargaining and contract administration. Prerequisite: BA3354. Offered fall semester.

BA 3357 Management Information Systems – 3 hours. This course covers the information system development life cycle. Use of data flow diagrams and structure charts, database, design, and program development. Prerequisite: BA1300. Offered fall or spring semester.

BA 3359 Managerial Statistics – 3 hours. Presentation of the role of sampling and statistical control procedures in managerial decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Fundamental probability distributions and their use in classical and Bayesian inference. Prerequisites: MATH 1311 or higher and junior status. Offered every fall semester.

BA 3360 International Business – 3 hours. A study of international trade. The course will cover the topics of the history of the international business, policies of free and controlled trade, foreign exchange and current issues. Prerequisite: ECON 2331 & ECON 2332. Offered every fall.

BA 3362 Consumer Behavior – 3 hours. Consumer Behavior is an advanced marketing course designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of consumer behavior, with emphasis on the consumer in the marketplace, consumers as individuals, consumers as decision makers, and consumers as influenced by culture and subculture. A critical examination of consumer behavior theories and research will be undertaken. Further emphasis will be placed on understanding the application of consumer behavior concepts in a competitive, dynamic, and global business environment. Prerequisite: BA2361 and PSY 2302. Offered fall semester.

BA 3363 Salesmanship – 3 hours. This course aims to accomplish four main objectives:

  1. To delineate the areas in which sales executives make decisions;
  2. To analyze and evaluate sales management decision making criteria and processes;
  3. To engage students in a presentation designed to relate the text materials to sales management situations;
  4. In addition to the above, students will be introduced to an overview of basic principles of selling. Prerequisite: BA 2361 and PSY 2302. Offered Spring semester.

BA 4100, 4200, 4300 Contemporary Topics in Business Administration – 1 to 3 hours. Prerequisite: Completion of appropriate background courses, senior status and/or instructor’s permission. Offered on an irregular basis.

BA 4306 Business Strategy and Value Creation – 3 hours. Using texts and simulation, students will be introduced to the process of Business Strategy and how this process can add value to a corporation/business. Students will study how various organizations plan for the intended and the unintended future. Case studies may also be used to facilitate learning. Offered fall and spring semesters. Prerequisites: BA1300, BA3341, BA2361, ACCT2311/12 and ECON2331/32. BA3357 may be taken concurrently.

BA 4310 Independent Study – 3 hours. This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to gain or enhance business knowledge and to explore an area of interest related to business research or the delivery and/or administration of business. Students interested in pursuing an independent study must be at least a junior and have completed the introductory courses in accounting, economics, management, statistics, and marketing. Prerequisite: Commitment of a full-time Wesleyan instructor, as well as permission from the Professional Studies Division chair in charge of Business.

BA 4342 Managerial Finance – 3 hours. Financial management problems of business firms are studied through case materials and reading. Emphasis is placed on analysis of annual financial reports, capital budgeting and valuation of situations. Presents concepts of comptrollership, its staff relation and impact on organizational structure. Prerequisite: BA3341. Offered on an irregular basis.

BA 4355 Organizational Leadership – 3 hours. The course explores the subject of leadership with a balance between academic understanding and practical organizational application. In addition, to acknowledge and understand the difference that leadership and effective management can make. Prerequisite: BA3355. Offered on an irregular basis.

BA 4358 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility – 3 hours. Ethical issues and problems facing business and society today. The course is intended for business and related majors. Prerequisite: senior standing. Offered every spring.

BA 4362 Marketing Management – 3 hours. A study of the management of marketing activities and of the analysis and solution of marketing research. Prerequisite: BA2361. Offered every other fall semester in even numbered years.

BA 4363 Marketing Research – 3 hours. The course develops skills in marketing research techniques and creating survey instruments necessary for collecting data in order to make quality marketing decisions. Prerequisite: BA3359 and BA2361. Offered every spring.

BA 4365 Advanced Topics in Marketing – 3 hours. A study of the behavior and decision-making of consumers in the marketplace. Theories and research from social science are used to develop our understanding of the consumer. Application of this understanding to the formulation of marketing strategy is emphasized. Prerequisite: BA3359 and BA2361. Offered every other fall semester in odd numbered years.

MIS 3301 Data Communications – 3 hours. This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles and techniques of business data communications. The content is directed towards the business student who desires a technical overview of the concepts of data transmission and methodologies employed in designing and managing communication networks. Five specific goals are to provide:

  1. basic understanding of fundamental transmission concepts underlying current data communication practices used in business;
  2. an introduction to techniques employed in the design and analysis of communication networks;
  3. a survey of management issues concerning network planning implementation and administration;
  4. a cursory overview of commercial networking hardware and software products and methodologies used in their evaluation;
  5. a framework for assessing the strategic uses of communication networks in business. Prerequisite: BA3357. Offered fall or spring semester.

MIS 3302 Business Applications Development – 3 hours. A study in the development of business applications software. Course emphasizes graphical user interface development using object-oriented, event-driven programming methods and techniques with a high-level development tool such as Visual Basic or Java. Prerequisite: MIS3301. Offered fall or spring semester.

MIS 3303 Ecommerce – 3 hours. This course will explore business uses of the tools and technologies needed for Electronic Commerce. Topics include business concepts, opportunities, challenges, and strategies that surround the emergence of electronic commerce. Problems related to the impact of electronic commerce such as social issues, risk, security, authentication, encryption, privacy, and methodologies will be discussed. Prerequisite: MIS3301. Offered fall or spring semester.

MIS 3304 Database Design and Management – 3 hours. A study of the effective management and utilization of organizational data resources in order to design and implement database management systems (DBMS) for business applications. Exploration of basic concepts of database systems and use of the computer to build and manipulate corporate databases. Prerequisite: MIS3301. Offered fall or spring semester.

MIS 3305 Project Management – 3 hours. Practical approach to business problem solving through the actual implementation of a software product. Includes study of project management tools and techniques necessary to plan, staff, organize, direct, and control the development of computer-based information systems. Prerequisite: BA3357. Offered fall or spring semester.

MIS 3306 Business Systems Analysis and Design – 3 hours. Study of the analysis phase of the system development life cycle. Emphasis is placed on feasibility studies, requirement analysis, human factors, and preliminary design. Diagramming techniques and CASE tools, and team presentations will be studied and/or utilized. Prerequisite: MIS3302. Offered fall or spring semester.

MIS 3307 Information systems security and DCP – 3 hours. This course will introduce students to the issues in security and disaster preparedness. With all businesses it is imperative that downtime is minimized and data is kept safe and secure. Students will explore the steps in plan development and rehearsal, as well as the options when data is breached. Emphasis will be placed on the ethical use and storage of data, as well as expectations of human resources in disaster situations. Prerequisite: BA3357. Offered fall or spring semester.