Wesleyan on the Road

This fall season, the Wesleyan Office of Admissions is coming to you!  

Check out the schedule below to find dates and locations where you can talk to a staff person and learn more about the opportunities available to you at Kentucky Wesleyan College!

Don’t see your school or local fair?  E-mail us at admissions@kwc.edu to let us know!  See you soon!

College Fair09/29/2016Adams County College FairOHJessie Arnold
College Fair09/29/2016Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Magnet High School-College FairTNHeather Riley
Drop Off09/29/2016Mason County High SchoolKYJessie Arnold
College Fair09/29/2016Metropolitan Nashville Public School College FairTNHeather Riley
College Fair09/29/2016Pike High SchoolINKelsey Luttrell
College Fair09/29/2016Southeastern Indiana Regional College FairINKelsey Luttrell
Private Visit09/29/2016St. Patrick SchoolKYJessie Arnold
College Fair10/02/2016Greater Evansville College FairINMatthew Ruark
Private Visit10/03/2016Cincinnati Hills Christian AcademyOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/03/2016College Night at Sandusky CountyOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/03/2016Gary R. Martin Central Kentucky Regional College FairKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair10/03/2016Jasper Regional College FairINMatthew Ruark
College Fair10/03/2016Lexington Christian Academy College FairKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair10/03/2016Perry County College FairINMatthew Ruark
Private Visit10/03/2016The Summit Country DayOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/03/2016West Jessamine High College FairKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair10/04/2016Lee County College FairKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair10/04/2016Powell County College FairKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/04/2016Purcell Marian High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/04/2016Roger Bacon High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/04/2016Ursuline AcademyOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/05/2016Dearborn County College FairINJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/05/2016Elder High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/05/2016Madison County Regional College FairKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/05/2016Owensboro Catholic High School FAFSA NightKYMatthew Ruark
College Fair10/06/201635th Annual College NightOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/06/2016Latino College FairKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/06/2016Lincoln County High SchoolKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/06/2016Simon Kenton High SchoolKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/07/2016Beechwood High SchoolKYJessie Arnold
College Fair10/07/2016Grant, Pendleton, Walton-Verona and Williamstown College FairKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/10/2016Owen County High SchoolKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/11/2016Fairfield High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/11/2016Ross High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/11/2016Stephen T. Badin High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/11/2016Taylor County High SchoolKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/12/2016Anderson County High SchoolKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/12/2016Hamilton High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/12/2016Southern High School College FairKYKelsey Luttrell
Private Visit10/12/2016Warren East High SchoolKYHeather Riley
College Fair10/13/2016Dixie Heights High School 2016 College FairKYJessie Arnold
College Fair10/13/2016Jeffersontown High School College and Career FairKYKelsey Luttrell
College Fair10/13/2016Shelby County College FairINKelsey Luttrell
College Fair10/13/2016Waggener High School College FairKYKelsey Luttrell
College Fair10/14/2016Fern Creek High School College and Career FairKYKelsey Luttrell
Private Visit10/17/2016Anderson High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/17/2016Pulaski County High SchoolKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair10/17/2016Somerset High School College FairKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/17/2016Southwestern High SchoolKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/17/2016Walton-Verona High SchoolKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/18/2016Blanchester High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/18/2016Bruin College FairKYKelsey Luttrell
Private Visit10/18/2016East Clinton High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/18/2016Southeastern Kentucky Regional College FairKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair10/19/2016Bullit Central College & Career FairKYKelsey Luttrell
College Fair10/19/2016SKCTC Regional College FairKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair10/20/2016Bath County High School College & Career FairKYPilar Espinosa
Private Visit10/20/2016Father Ryan HSTNHeather Riley
Private Visit10/20/2016Pope John Paul IITNHeather Riley
Private Visit10/21/2016Christ Presbyterian AcademyTNHeather Riley
College Fair10/24/2016Barren County High School College FairKYKelsey Luttrell
Private Visit10/24/2016Cincinnati Country Day SchoolOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/24/2016Forest Hills College NightOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/25/2016Walnut Hills High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/26/20169th Annual National Trail College and Career FairOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/26/2016DeSales College NightKYKelsey Luttrell
College Fair10/26/2016Greater Dayton Area College NightOHJessie Arnold
College Fair10/26/2016Mount Vernon High SchoolINJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/27/2016Villa Madonna AcademyKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/28/2016Augusta Independent SchoolsKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/28/2016Bracken County High SchoolKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/28/2016Silver Grove SchoolKYJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/31/2016Lakota East High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
Private Visit10/31/2016Lakota West High SchoolOHJessie Arnold
College Fair11/02/2016Caldwell NightKYChase Durrance
College Fair11/02/2016Jefferson County High School College and Career FairKYKelsey Luttrell
College Fair11/02/2016Seneca College & Career NightKYKelsey Luttrell
Private Visit11/04/2016Newport High SchoolKYJessie Arnold
College Fair11/17/2016Taylor County Public Library College FairKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair11/17/2016Woodford County High SchoolKYPilar Espinosa
College Fair11/18/2016George Rogers Clark High School College FairKYPilar Espinosa