Camp Schedule

2015 Summer Camp Schedule

During the summer months KWC hosts a variety of summer camps that utilize our classrooms, athletic fields, Chapel, and Winchester Center. I’ve included a list of camps being held at KWC from April through July 2015. Please help me make them feel welcome and enjoy their KWC campus experience.  Feel free to contact Shelly Roth at 852-3313 if you have questions or find lost items (people included).




April 14-30

Nieman’s Spring League, HRC Gym, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-10pm

Contact: cnieman@kwc.edu

May 23

Owensboro Parks Department Half Day Marathon Winchester Center/Lawn

Contact: www.owensboroparks.org

May 27-29

Classical Conversations-Three Day Parent Practicum,Chapel,Admin. Classrooms


May 26-August 6

YMCA Summer Day Camp Auxiliary Gym, Winchester Center (Rotation)

Contact: www.owensboroymca.org

May 31-June 6

License to Preach School, Rogers Massie




June 2-4

Eric Hagan HS Volleyball Camp, HRC Gym, 8am-5pm

Contact: ehagan@kwc.edu

June 15-19

Crestwood UMC,Rogers,Deacon


June 27-July 3

Christadelphians,All Dorms,Gym,Chapel and Campus





July 4

Owensboro Running Club, Winchester Center,6am-10am

Contact: www.owensbororunningclub.com

July 6-9

Bent Holsclaw FB Skills Day Camp, Steele Stadium, 9am-noon

Contact: holsclaw@kwc.edu

July 11-12

Brent Holsclaw FBall Kicking Camp, Steele Stadium, 10am-6pm

Contact: holsclaw@kwc.edu

July 13-15

Eric Hagen HS Volleyball Camp, HRC Gym, 8am-5pm

Contact: ehagan@kwc.edu


Todd Lillpop Baseball Day Camp, Panther Park, 9am-1pm

Contact: tlillpop@kwc.edu

July 20-23

Brent Holsclaw-Centennial HS FBall, Peeples Steele Stadium

Contact: holsclaw@kwc.edu

July 30-Aug 2

Brent Holsclaw-Fern Creek HS FBall, Peeples Steele Stadium

Contact: holsclaw@kwc.edu


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