Winter Term

Complete a class in three weeks -- KWC Winter Term 2014!


What's it all about?

January 2–25, 2014, could be epic for Kentucky Wesleyan College students.

For three short weeks, you get to take the college classes you'll remember for a lifetime, the classes that aren't requirements for your major, the classes that you'll write home about (literally), the classes that are the reason you came to college. And you get to do it all at half the normal tuition rate.

We created Winter Term to let professors and students get out of their traditional class routines and have an adventure or two. Classes change every year -- in 2014, try Leadership Through Sailing (in the Virgin Islands, on a working sailboat), tropical marine biology in South Florida (travel to South Florida required), or jump into another culture with an international studies trip to Costa Rica or Rome/Athens.

If international travel isn't your thing, we've got other options right here in Owensboro. Physics and the Arts (the math is easy), Rock and Roll; Its Influence on Society (Music) or Russian History to 1900 all promise to be great.

The point? You can have fun and earn credit all at the same time with a winter term class at KWC. Plus, the price is half off. Seriously.

So if you need an extra class to graduate on time or if you want credits at a reduced rate or if you just want to broaden your horizons and have some fun, check out KWC Winter Term 2014 for a world of possibilities.




The Class List

Travel Classes


BIO 2402 Tropical Marine Biology (travel to S. Florida on Spring Break)
ENGL 3370 Ancient tales & travel: Greek & Roman literature (Greece)
INS 3309 International Studies: Trip to Costa Rica
LS 3300 Leadership through sailing - basic (Virgin Islands)
LS 3380 Leadership through sailing - intermediate (Virgin Islands)
LS 4300 Leadership through sailing - advnaced (Virgin Islands)



On Campus Classes


ART 2378 Digital photographic techniques
CART 3314 Desktop Video
CL 1101 Computer literacy
ENGL 1301 Writing workshop I
ENGL 2330 Readings in World Literature
HIST 1411 Survey of American history I
HIST 3390 Topics in Russian history to 1900
HS 1100 Externship
HS 2100 Externship
HS 3100 Externship
MATH 1300 Elementary mathematical models 
MUS 3300 Rock & roll; its influence on society
PHIL 3300 Topics: war & ethics
PHYS  1302 Physics & the arts




The Process



Winter term courses at KWC meet five days a week during the first three weeks of January. Students may enroll in one course for a total of three or four credit hours per term. Tuition is $295/hour -- half the normal rate plus a $25 technology fee. Travel classes have additional costs.




Residence halls open for residential students in WT

Jan. 2

Instruction begins at 9 a.m.

Jan. 3

Drop/Add begins at 8 a.m.

Jan. 3

Final date to register or add a class

 Jan. 6

Final date to drop without course appearing on transcript

Jan. 6

Final date to drop with a "W"

Jan. 15

MLK Day (no classes)

Jan. 20

Last day of classes

Jan. 23

Examination or project due date

Jan. 25




Registration for Winter Term 2014 classes Nov. 4-20.


If you're not a student at KWC and want to take a Winter Term class, contact our Admissions office at 270-852-3120 or [email protected]. If you have questions about the classes, check with the Academic Dean’s office ([email protected] or 270-852-3117).


Don’t wait to register -- some class sizes are limited or must meet a quota to be held. Register today and in a few weeks, you’ll be having the time of your life!


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