Spanish at KWC

The study of Spanish starts with learning the basic skills in the language: speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension.

If you progress through intermediate and advanced levels, you will continue to build your linguistic competence while also gaining greater familiarity with the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. At the upper-division levels, you will refine your writing and speaking skills and develop their ability to use and understand authentic Spanish-language texts and other materials.

Juniors and seniors may elect to develop a practicum course in which they work with the Hispanic population in the Owensboro area.

What can I do with a degree in Spanish?
The Spanish major is a good liberal arts major which prepares students for graduate school and teaching careers.

A bachelor's degree in Spanish also can benefit students who intend to pursue careers in law, law enforcement, public service, health and business since these careers increasingly have need for job candidates with a high level of competence in Spanish.

If you have studied a foreign language for two or more years in high school, you should take the CLEP for credit and/or placement. The college administers CLEP tests at various times during the year.

CLEP scores:
45-49 3 credit hours earned
50-54 6 credit hours earned
55-59 9 credit hours earned
60+ 12 credit hours earned

NOTE: If you score just below 45 on the CLEP, you may be able to receive credit for six hours of beginning Spanish if you successfully complete the intermediate level of the same foreign language at KWC.





Kentucky Wesleyan offers a bachelor of arts degree and a minor in Spanish.


Additional information, degree requirements, suggested four-year plan, and course descriptions are located in the KWC Bulletin (Catalog). Please click here and then access the degree or program via the bookmarks on the left of the page.







arcea zapata de aston

Dr. Arcea Zapata de Aston
Associate Professor of Spanish
Faculty Office Building #28


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