Alumni Hall of Fame

The Kentucky Wesleyan College Alumni Association established the Alumni Hall of Fame to recognize alumni whose lives and achievements have earned them distinction in numerous ways – alumni whose accomplishments have brought state, regional and even national recognition to their alma mater. The inductees represent alumni from each campus location in the history of Kentucky Wesleyan – Millersburg (1858-1889), Winchester (1890-1950) and Owensboro (1951 to the present). The alumni of Kentucky Wesleyan have great success stories. The Alumni Association is pleased to honor individuals who have achieved such success and have given themselves to their profession in an exemplary fashion. The alumni inducted to date represent only a percentage of the success stories to be honored. Many more will be chosen in the years to come. We hope you enjoy learning about the lives of these successful alumni of Kentucky Wesleyan College. Click the right for the stories of each year’s inductees.

Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2017
A.J. Smith '71
Lydia Dorman '82
Rep. Walter (Jody) Richards '60
Dr. Kim M. (Cecil) Schuster '88
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2016
Benjamin H. Abbott, '59
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2015
John Ballard Bailey, 1908
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2014
Lairy Nofsinger ‘58
Jack T. Wells ‘77
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2012
K. Wayne Foster ‘69
Berry F. Major ‘60
Roy W. Pickerill ‘75
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2009
M. Allen Kirtley ‘60
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2008
Dr. Thomas C. Meredith, ‘63
Frankie Scott Hager ‘57
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2007
Rev. John Jay Dickey, 1873
John W. Jones ‘67
G. Chad Perry III ‘50
Dr. Henry Milton Pyles ‘22
Rev. Dr. Albert W. Sweazy ‘40
Dr. William J. (Jack) Turbeville Jr. ‘36
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2006
Dr. Beverley Byers-Pevitts ‘61
Virginia Harris (Shorty) Combs ‘22
Rev. Dr. Harold W. Dorsey ‘38
Dr. C. Kenneth Peters ‘57
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2005
Richard F. (Dick) Gallagher ‘38
Dr. Yu Hak Hahn ‘58
Honorable Ellen Bourke Ewing ‘67
Bishop U. V. W. Darlington, 1893
George W. Tinsley Sr. ‘69
W. Terry Woodward ‘64
Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2004
John C. C. Mayo, 1879
Justice Stanley Foreman Reed, 1902
Talmage Hocker ‘27
James Roger Hull ‘28
Dr. Lyman V. Ginger ‘29
Robert R. (Bullet) Wilson ‘31
Bishop Edward Lewis Tullis ‘39
E. Luellen Pyles ‘44
Dr. Edward Lee Beavin ‘50
Betty McWhorter Gissoni ‘50
Dr. Douglas Reid Sasser ‘52
David E. Hocker ‘59