Wesleyan General Scholarship Fund

Kentucky Wesleyan College’s alumni and friends are invaluable partners in fulfilling our mission of education and service. Many of the College’s most popular programs in the arts, sciences, and athletics rely upon annual support. Our academic departments are able to enrich the student experience with curricular innovations, special lectures, and other opportunities funded through unrestricted gifts. Our relationships with individuals, businesses, and foundations provide our leadership with the resources to meet the challenges of running a complex institution in today’s rapidly changing world. They are an opportunity for donors at every level to communicate their vision for Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Each year, Kentucky Wesleyan College relies on the generosity of alumni and friends to provide immediate support for University programs. Gifts made to the Wesleyan General Scholarship Fund go directly to the programs that matter most to our alumni, students, and friends.

Whether donors designate their gifts for a campus, a college, a department, or any other program, they make it possible for the College to provide quality education for every student.

Unrestricted gifts are essential to the continued success of the College. The President, deans, and faculty depend on these flexible resources to address Kentucky Wesleyan’s most pressing needs and create opportunities. These funds are applied to areas with the greatest need, like student aid, new academic initiatives, and faculty recruitment.

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If you need more information please call the Development Office at 270-852-3183 or email Mary Crawford. Help us continue the Wesleyan Tradition!