Check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Why is Leadership Wesleyan important?
A: Leadership Wesleyan is here to help you be prepared for the real world! No matter what profession you plan to head into, everyone needs to know how to manage their finances, apply for a job, insure their belongings and take care of their mental health. Not only will you learn about specific topics like this, you’ll also hear from some of our most dynamic and empowering speakers on topics like leadership, entrepreneurship and more.

Q: What does it cost?
A: Thanks to our presenting sponsor, German American Bank, Leadership Wesleyan is TOTALLY free to students. 

Q: I can only come to one weekend session (maybe due to athletics or other involvement). Can I still be a part of Leadership Wesleyan?
A: Yes! To graduate from the program, you’ll need to complete both weekend’s, but you can do so in different academic years. Each year, we alternate which session is in the spring and which is in the fall to allow for athletes and others who have challenging schedules to complete both weekends. Once you complete both the personal and professional track, you’ll receive your certificate of completion! 

Q: What do I get for free?
A: Invaluable information from experts in the real world, 2 headshots, numerous meals and some professional swag.