Academic Advising Student/Advisor Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities:

Through the comprehensive academic advising program at KWC, the advisor will:

  • Provide students with high-quality academic advising services which encourage them to pursue academic excellence;
  • Support and assist students in exploring, confirming, and achieving their educational and career goals;
  • Assist students as they become independent decision-makers who demonstrate initiative and responsibility; and
  • Contribute to student development by referring students to appropriate campus resources.

Student Responsibilities:


When participating in academic advising, the student will:

  • Be an active participant in the advising process;
  • Demonstrate responsibility for his/her educational progress and decision-making;
  • Use campus resources to develop and follow a plan to accomplish his/her educational and career goals; and
  • Provide thoughtful feedback on the advising process as requested through surveys, focus groups, and/or interviews.