Students are required to work with both a content discipline advisor and a teacher education advisor.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education
Core Requirements
A ā€œCā€ or better grade is required in each of the following courses:
ED 100Introduction to Education
ED 202Educational Technology (replaces CL 1101 in gen. ed.)
ED 203Exceptional Child
ED 308Educational Psychology
ED 311Methods and Materials Middle and High School
ED 400Discipline and Classroom Management Middle and High School
ED 403Student Teaching Seminar
EDAR 401Directed Teaching Art
EDAR 402Directed Teaching Art
PE 200Contemporary Health Topics
Must take one of the following:
ART 474Elementary and Secondary Art Methods
ED 312Subject Area Methods and Materials Middle and High School
Must take one of the following:
EDMG 201Late Childhood/Early Adolescent Development
PSY 201Human Development
Supporting Requirements
These courses may be used to satisfy the General Education requirements.
ED 200Foundations of Education
Must take one of the following:
POLS 101American National Government
POLS 202State and Local Government
Must complete elementary proficiency in a foreign language, either by completing six hours of the same foreign language or through receiving CLEP test credit. Spanish is recommended.
Art Discipline Courses
ART 100*Art Survey (fulfills Aesthetic General Education requirement)
ART 101Beginning Drawing I
ART 111Two-Dimensional Design
ART 112Three-Dimensional Design and Materials
ART 235Painting I
ART 290Sculpture I
ART 302Advanced Drawing
ART 355Printmaking
ART 372Art for Elementary Teachers
Must take 3 additional hours of ART at 3000-4000 level. (ART 4353 Digital Painting is recommended.)
Must take three hours of art history from the following:
ART 382Art History: Prehistoric to Neoclassic
ART 383Art History: American to Modern
ART 384Art History: Modern Art (fulfills Multicultural General Education requirement)
This course may be used to fulfill the general education program:
ART 100Art Survey