Dr. Paula Dehn

PaulaDehnSmallVert0Dr. Paula Dehn, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the College
(270) 852-3117
Administration Building #10



Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Biology, University of South Florida
  • M.A., Zoology, DePauw University
  • B.A., Zoology, DePauw University

Courses Taught

  • Environmental toxicology – Biochemical toxicology
  • Physiological ecology
  • Physiology (invertebrate physiology; comparative and animal physiology)
  • General biology/zoology
  • Marine biology & ecology/Oceanography
  • Law, Ethics and Life Sciences

Research Interests

Environmental toxicology/physiological ecology of marine & freshwater systems;

Current Research involves:

  1. development of human in vitro models for screening &/or monitoring purposes;
  2. development of in situ biomonitors; and
  3. development of biochemically relevant biomakers

Publications (Recent)

  • Dehn, P.F. 2009. Community health-based internships as an entry into research. In. M.K. Boyd & J.L. Wesemann (eds)., Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research: Fostering Excellence and Enhancing the Impact. Council on Undergraduate Research. Pp. 334-336.
  • Shea*, J., T. Moran, & P. F. Dehn, 2008. A bioassay for metals utilizing a human cell line. Toxicology In Vitro 22:1025-1031
  • Dehn, P.F. & D.R. Breed*, 2005. Exercise Physiology: Muscle metabolism before, immediately following, and during recovery from activity. Laboratory Manual for Physiology, D. Silverthorn, B. Johnston, A. Mills, (eds), Pearson Education, Inc. pp. 147-162.

Presentations (Recent)

  • “How Should (Do) We Promote Transformative Research at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions?” Council on Undergraduate Research Transformative Research Summit, June 2009, Snowbird, Utah.
  • Balon*, J., Griffith*, M, Omar*, L., & P.F. Dehn. The effects of pharmaceutically active compounds on the freshwater oligochaete, Lumbriculus variegates. Aquatic Toxicity Workshop, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Oct. 2008.
  • Hayes*, S., Cotto*, S, & P.F. Dehn. Effects of fluoxetine, ibuprofen, and CTAB on the photosynthetic activity of Lemna minor. Aquatic Toxicity Workshop, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Oct. 2008.
  • “Science and Society: The Role Of Undergraduate Research In Identifying And Targeting Real World Environmental Issues That Impact Human Health”. Randolph-Macon Women’s College, Lynchburg, VA. (Feb) 2007.

Awards (Recent)

  • 2008: Council on Undergraduate Research Fellow
  • 2006: Kenneth L. Koessler Distinguished Faculty Award
  • 2005: Nominee, Council on Undergraduate Research Fellow Award

Professional Memberships

  • American Association for the Advancement of Sciences Council on Undergraduate Research, Institutional Liaison (1990-present), National Biology Councilor (2002-present, Chair Biology Division 2005- 2007), co-organizer and facilitator Proposal Writing Workshop (2000-present)
  • Society for In Vitro Biology, formerly TCA (Tissue Culture Association)
  • Society of Toxicology, Lake Ontario Regional Chapter Councilor (2000-2008t)

Administrative Services

  • Developed and Initiated Freshman Advising Program
  • Reorganized Freshman Orientation Program
  • Initiated Kentucky Wesleyan Fellows Program (Undergraduate Research)
  • Revised faculty promotion & tenure documents
  • Instituted a revolving reassigned time program for faculty
  • Coordinating the development of a Theater Arts program between KWC, Brescia University, Owensboro Community & Technical College and Owensboro ‘s RiverPark Center