Darlene Ingram


Associate Professor 
Kentucky Wesleyan College


Research Interests: creative problem solving in chemistry, skin care and cosmetic formulation, peptide synthesis, and synthesis of transition metal complexes to serve as catalysts.




Ph.D.-Organic Chemistry   2004 University of Louisville        Louisville, KY


“Peptide Synthesis and Characterization: Part 1. Synthesis and characterization of cyclic pseudopeptide analogs of endothelin antagonist BQ-123.  2. Comparative study of mild cleavage techniques for solid phase peptide synthesis of penta-, tetra-, and tripeptides.”                

M.S.       Organic Chemistry            2001 University of Louisville       Louisville, KY     

B.S. Chemistry and Biology           1991 Kentucky Wesleyan College   Owensboro, KY


8/2020-present     Assistant Professor  Kentucky Wesleyan College                         Owensboro, KY
8/2019-05/2020   Visiting Assistant Professor   Kentucky Wesleyan College             Owensboro, KY
8/2018 -7/2019      Instructor         University of Southern Indiana                              Evansville, IN
1/2016-7/2018        Adjunct Instructor      Indiana University Southeast                      New Albany, IN
8/2013- 8/2018       Adjunct Instructor      University of Southern Indiana                   Evansville, IN
8/2012-5/2013 Visiting Assistant Professor     University of Evansville                      Evansville, IN
2011-8/2012  Assistant Professor (tenured)  Pellissippi State Community College    Knoxville, TN
2007-2011            Instructor                      Pellissippi State Community College         Knoxville, TN
2005-2007            Adjunct Instructor         Pellissippi State Community College         Knoxville, TN
2004-2005            Visiting Assistant Professor      Indiana University Southeast         New Albany, IN
2002-2004            Visiting Lecturer                       Indiana University Southeast          New Albany, IN
1999-2002            Adjunct Instructor          Pellissippi State Community College         Knoxville, TN
1991-1997            Teaching Assistant            University of Louisville                           Louisville, KY


2000-2007            Instructor                    Kaplan Learning Center                                 Knoxville, TN
Awarded Teacher of the Year in the Southeast Region 2007


CHEM 441-Biochemistry                                                              Kentucky Wesleyan College
CHEM 324-Junior Seminar                                                          Kentucky Wesleyan College
CHEM 321 & 331- Organic Chemistry I                                       Kentucky Wesleyan College
CHEM 322 & 332 Organic Chemistry II                                       Kentucky Wesleyan College
CHEM-C101-Elementary Chemistry                          on-line       Indiana University Southeast
CHEM-C105-Principles of Chemistry                         on-line       Indiana University Southeast
CHEM 107-Elements in Everyday Chemistry          on-line         University of Southern Indiana
CHEM 103-Molecules, Matter and Me                                        University of Southern Indiana
CHEM 107-Elements in Everyday Chemistry                              University of Southern Indiana
CHEM 108- Chemistry for Educators                                          University of Southern Indiana
CHEM 141-Principles of Chemistry                                             University of Southern Indiana
CHEM 1010-Principles of Chemistry (lab and lecture)                Pellissippi State Community College
CHEM -1020-Basic Organic and Biochemistry (lab and lecture)Pellissippi State Community College
CHEM C102-Elementary Chemistry 2 (lab and lecture)             Indiana University Southeast
CHEM 2010-Organic Chemistry I (lab and lecture)                    Pellissippi State Community College
CHEM-C341-Organic Chemistry I (lab and lecture)                   Indiana University Southeast
CHEM-240-Organic Chemistry I (lab and lecture)                     University of Evansville
CHEM 2020-Organic Chemistry II (lab and lecture)                  Pellissippi State Community College
CHEM-C342-Organic Chemistry II (lab and lecture)                 Indiana University Southeast
CHEM-341-Organic Chemistry II (lab and lecture)                   University of Evansville
CHEM –C443-Molecular Spectroscopy                                    Indiana University Southeast
CHEM 490-Undergraduate Teaching Experience in Chemistry   University of Southern Indiana
CHEM 499-Undergraduate Research in Chemistry                  University of Southern Indiana




  • Synthesis of metal-ligand catalysts to reduce CO2-USI Summer 2021
  • Faculty Development Workshop-Spring 2021
  • Faculty Development Workshop-Fall 2020
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Diversity Training
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • New Advisor Training
  • Face Masks: Materials, Disinfection, and Reuse During COVID-19
  • Brightspace Quick Start WebinarSeries Part 6: “Evaluating Your Students-Quizzes”
  • “Using VoiceThread in D2L/Brightspace” 
  • Senior Chemists Action Agenda to Address Systemic Racism
  • Instructor Panel: Teaching During Covid
  • Instructor Panel: 5 Real Live Tools to Make and Deliver Videos
  • Supporting the Unprepared Student
  • Preventing Cheating and Delivering Exams with OWLv3
  • Online Course Development -Instructor Training


2016-August 2019

  • New Faculty Orientation-Kentucky Wesleyan – Aug 2019
  • Attended the Spring ACS National Meeting-Orlando 2019
  • New Faculty Orientation-University of Southern Indiana- 2018
  • New Faculty Academy 2018-2019


  • Completed the Quality Matters course-2016
  • Participated in course assessment for CHEM 107, CHEM 103, CHEM 108, and CHEM 141-2016
  • Developed a Quality Matters approved CHEM 141 course. (Chemistry for pre-nursing majors)-2016
  • Tin Man Brewery Tour with the IN-KY Borders Section of American Chemical Society-October 2016 (Discussed the Chemistry of Beer Making)
  • Red Spot Paint Tour with the IN-KY Border Section of American Chemical Society –September 2015
  • American Chemical Society-Chemistry in Context– Textbook Workshop-Loyola University –June 2015
  • Attended the American Chemical Society Leadership Institute – January 2015 & 2016
  • Attended Dr. Ben S. Bernanke Lecture at the University of Southern Indiana (SWISTEM) –March 2015
  • Kenneth Palmer Lecture-IN-KY Border Section of American Chemical Society-2015
  • Bill Carroll Lecture-IN-KY Border Section of American Chemical Society-2015
  • Creating Infographics for Learning- 2015
  • Creating Concept Maps-2015
  • Strategies for Improvement: Quality Scorecard-2015
  • Creating Effective Assessments-2015
  • Creating Rubrics-2015
  • Designing a Flipped Classroom-2015
  • Creating an Interactive Syllabus-2015
  • Introduction to Mobil Apps and Tablets-2015
  • New to Online: The Essentials-2014
  • Strategies for Successful Group Work-2014
  • Introduction to ADA and Accommodation on the Web-2014
  • New to Online: Effective Feedback Strategies-2014
  • New to Online: Supporting New Online Learners-2014
  • New to Online: Introduction to Online Tools-2014
  • New to Online: Strategies for Increasing Interaction and Engagement-2014
  • New to Online: Engaging Learners in Online Discussions-2014
  • Workload Management Strategies for Online Faculty-2014
  • Early Undergraduate Research Program-2014
  • SENCER Workshop-Center for Innovation-Butler University –October 2014


  • Attended New Faculty Orientation- August 2012

2012-2013 (Continued)

  • Attended Chemistry department meetings
  • Attended campus wide faculty meetings – August and November
  • Completed a PHIL 2010-Survey of World Religions course-May 2012


  • Completed a HIST 2050-Appalachian History course-2011
  • Participated in a survey about textbook publishers-2011
  • Attended faculty in-service 2007, 2008, 2010, 20011 (2009 at the ACS meeting)
  • Participated in a Webinar on Chemistry and Food Safety-2011
  • Attended the common book lecture by Eric Weiner about his book The Geography of Bliss-2010
  • Participated in a Wiley & Sons survey on the needs of a two semester General, Organic and Biochemistry Course- 2010
  • Attended Denise Giardina lecture on her book Storming Heaven-2009
  • Attended an American Chemical Society national meeting in Washington DC. –August 2009
  • Joined the Medicinal Chemistry division of The American Chemical Society-2009
  • Attended Sue Yamin’s lecture on the book Persepolis– 2008
  • Attended NISOD conference in Austin, Texas-2008
  • Attended the Southeast Regional Meeting of ACS in Nashville, Tennessee- 2008
  • Attended the lecture by Dr. Roald Hoffmann a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry-2008
  • Attended Kay McClenney’s lecture on early intervention with community college students-2007.
  • Attended David Madden’s lecture on his book Sharpshooter-2007
  • Attended new faculty orientation-2007-Pellissippi State Community College
  • Attended all of the new advising workshops conducted by Cheryl Slayden-2007
  • Attended an American Chemical Society National Meeting in Chicago-2007


  • Attended 36th ACS Central Regional Meeting in Indianapolis, IN-2004
  • FACET DAY: Effective Grading Bloom’s Taxonomy -2004
  • FACET Day: Making the Most of the First Day of Class-2003
  • Assessing Critical Thinking by Neil Browne-2003
  • NSF Chautauqua Course: The Seven Warning Signs of Voodoo Science by Robert Park, Philadelphia, PA-2003
  • New Faculty Orientation –August 2002 –Indiana University Southeast
  • Adjunct Faculty Orientation-August 1999
  • Attended American Chemical Society National Meeting –New Orleans, LA-1999



  • Virtual Boy Scout Merit Badge Camp-February 2021
  • Proctored the Chemistry Olympiad Virtual competition-2021
  • Virtual Study Sunday @ KWC Spring 2021
  • Served year 2 on the Academic Assessment Committee 2021
  • Served on the QEP Rubric Committee 2021
  • Spring National Meeting-ACS 2021-Virtual Councilors Meeting
  • Participated in Calibration of QEP Rubric 2021
  • Fall National Meeting ACS 2020-Virtual Councilor’s Meeting
  • Chemistry of Happiness-Girls Scout Merit Badge-February 2020
  • Science at the Museum-October 2019
  • Lewis Martial Arts Science Day-July 2019
  • GO STEM “Chemistry of Cosmetics Camp”-June 2019
  • Deaconess / EVSC Health Science Institute-2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • ACS Student Group Demo Exchange-Spring ACS National Meeting – 2019
  • Girl Scout Day Camp (GSSI June 2018)
  • Developed the Assessment Assignment for CHEM 108 – Chemistry for Educators 2017
  • Boy Scout Chemistry Merit Badge Program- February 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Girl Scout Science Merit Badge Program- April 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Judged the Tri-State Science and Engineering Fair-March 2015-2019
  • Terrific Tuesday Hands on Chemistry Program -Chandler Library-September 2016
  • National Chemistry Week presentation –Teen Program at the Chandler Library- October 2016
  • IN-KY ACS Poster Session Judge-November 2016
  • American Chemical Society-Women in Chemistry Panel Discussion-2015
  • Girl Scouts STEaM Camp-Holiday World-SWISTEM-July 2015
  • Pre-Nursing advisor 2008-2012 – Pellissippi State Community College
  • Search and screen committee for new faculty in chemistry. I attended all interviews and meetings. – Pellissippi State Community College
  • Pellissippi State Community College representative on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission committee for performance funding. Lead a subcommittee in grading three community colleges for performance funding.  I wrote the final report submitted to THEC.  2011
  • Pellissippi State Community College assessment committee-2010
  • Pellissippi State Community College assessment committee for SACS accreditation review-2010-2011
  • Participated in the Program review for Natural and Behavioral Sciences. Worked on the committee to review the Chemistry Program- 2009
  • Participated in faculty promotion and tenure meetings-2008-2012
  • Lead teacher in CHEM 1010 and CHEM 1020
  • Temporary pre-nursing advising coordinator-2009
  • Lead new student orientation sessions – 2009-2010
  • First Year Council committee member -2007-2008


Online Course Development Program-University of Southern Indiana –Distance Learning 2016
EURP Grant recipient – University of Southern Indiana –Pott College of Science and Engineering 2014
Southeast Region Teacher of the Year award through Kaplan-2007
Research Assistant 1998
GAANN Fellowship 1993
PB&S Chemical Company Award 1989


Ingram, D.  “Making Lemonade-how I got my dream job making the most of an adjunct position”. ACS Spring 2020 Spring National Meeting & Expo. Women Chemists Committee Division. Session: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn and Getting Paid for It. (Submitted April 30, 2020);  https://doi.org/10.1021/scimeetings.0c06118

*Presented in digital format due to COVID-19

Ingram, D. “Beautiful Chemistry-getting high school girls interested in chemistry”. ACS Spring 2020 Spring National Meeting & Expo. Chemical Education Division. Session: Fundamentals of Chemistry Outreach Education. (Submitted April 30, 2020); https://doi.org/10.1021/scimeetings.0c06149

*The above was accepted as a poster presentation at the SciMix Poster Session and as an oral presentation at the cited session.  Due to COVID-19 this was presented in digital format.

“Representation matters: Exploring diversity through discussion boards in organic chemistry and biochemistry “Darlene Ingram(1). 2020 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education. Abstract accepted March 31, 2020.

*Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education was terminated on April 2, 2020, by the Executive Committee of the Division of Chemical Education, American Chemical Society; and, therefore, this presentation could not be given as intended.

“Chemistry On-Line?!? Seriously?”  This is How I Teach Series.  University of Southern Indiana-Department of Distance Learning.  2015

Peptide Analogs and Alzheimer’s Disease.” Courtney Condon and Dr. Darlene D. Ingram; University of Southern Indiana EURP Program 2014

“Synthesis, Design and Characterization of iAβ5 Analogs.”  Amanda Brown and Dr. Darlene D. Ingram; University of Southern Indiana EURP Program 2014

“Organic Chemistry Survivor.”  American Chemical Society.  June 2004


“Synthesis, Physical and Biological Properties of Pseudopeptide Analogs of BQ-123.”  American Peptide Symposium.  June 1999

“b-Sheet Breaker Peptides: Potential Alzheimer’s Therapy.”  Institute of Molecular Diversity and Drug Design (IMD3). March 1999.-

“A Systematic Re-examination of Ammonium Formate – Catalytic Hydrogenolysis, Phase Transfer Catalyzed Hydrolysis, and HF for Product Removal from Solid Supports.”  American Chemical Society. August 1998

“Applications of AF-CTH to Solid Phase Synthesis: A Re-examination.” Center for Chemical Catalysis. April 1996