Art Education

The Kentucky Wesleyan Art Education program prepares you for a career teaching art in kindergarten through 12th grades. As an Art Education student, you will work closely with advisors in Art and Education Departments to complete coursework in both areas, as well as participate in vital student teaching experiences to prepare you for future teaching careers.

Art Education Program’s Vision Statement

The Art Education Program envisions evolving certified K-12 educational leaders in the arts excelling in current instruction trends as student teachers that nurture students in a classroom setting, that guides students success with strong lesson planning, that develop solid classroom management skills, and offers exceptional art experiences in studio and museum situations.

Art Education Program’s Mission Statement

The Department of Fine Arts & Humanities, specifically the Art Education Program, at Kentucky Wesleyan College views its overall mission to provide students with competencies needed to enter postgraduate training (professional or academic) and/or work environments related to art education. Students will demonstrate good leadership and scholarship as shown through lesson planning of art curriculum, instruction of the art principles, and creating art to meet the state and national standards for visual art education certification K-12 that meets the criteria of the program accreditation competencies.

Art Education Program’s Purpose and Goals

Art Education majors will be competent to enter a Master’s Program and/or work environment that is relevant to the discipline with the ability to instruct art and manage a classroom setting of K-12 level. Art Education majors will be competent with respect to the following learning objectives:

LO1: Exhibit knowledge of Art and Art History to gain state/national instructors certification.
LO2: Demonstrate problem-solving skills in creative lesson planning through exploring the Creation Process.

Senior Exhibit
All Art Education majors are required to have a senior exhibition. This is an independent studio course in which you will create a consistent body of work that clearly demonstrates the techniques, concepts and methods of your chosen major. This work, along with with examples of earlier work, will be your Senior Exhibition.