Dr. James Alexander


Dr. James Alexander, Professor of Elementary Education
[email protected]
(270) 852-3228
Faculty Office Building #18





Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Arkansas, 1995.
Graduate Certificate: (Technology Integration Specialist), Boise State University, 2011.
MSE (Reading), Central Missouri State University, 1981.
BSE (Elementary Education), Central Missouri State University, 1977.
MA Theol., (Historical Theology), St. Thomas Theological Seminary, 1985.

Additional Education (representative)

  • Additional graduate study in psychology — Brigham Young University, Western Kentucky University
  • Clinical Pastoral Education, Mental Health Services of Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, VA (1/2 unit), 1986
  • Additional graduate theological studies — Regents College, British Columbia

Courses Taught

  • Foundations of Reading/Language Arts
  • Teaching Reading/Language Arts
  • Teaching Social Studies
  • Child/Adolescent Literature
  • Educational Psychology
  • Child and Family
  • Supervision of Student Teachers

Educational Publications and Presentations (Representative)


  • “Religion, Epistemology and the Public Schools,” Religion and Education, Fall 1997.
  • “Reading Skill and Context Facilitation: A Classic Study Revisited,” Journal of Educational Research, May/June 1997.
  • “Reading and Postmodernism,” Balanced Reading Instruction, Fall 2000.
  • “For What Purpose? Some Thoughts About Grading,” New Horizons in Adult Education, Vol. 16, Number 1, Pg 4-16, Winter 2002. Available at: http://www.nova.edu/~aed/horizons/volume16no1.pdf.
  • “A Place for Teacher Educators in the Schools,” Phi Delta Kappan, April, 2004.
  • “On the Fallacy of Value Added Assessment,” Eric Document Reproduction Service, ED502733, 2008.
  • “Reading, RTI, and the Middle School,” In-Service Workshop, Owensboro Middle School, Owensboro, KY, March 2010.
  • “Standards, Testing and Accountability: A Failed Experiment,” Education News. Available athttp://www.educationnews.org/ed_reports/edu_assoc_articles/153528.html (retrieved 10 April, 2011).
  • “Standards, Testing and Accountability: Misguided Intentions,” Eric Document Reproduction Service, ED518515, 2011.
  • “The Demise of Education or the Eclipse of Compassion? Exploring the Causes of Academic Underachievement,” SAGE Open, July-September, 2013, vol. 3, no. 3. 2158244013502495. Available at: http://sgo.sagepub.com/content/3/3/2158244013502495.full
  • “We Need Compassion More Than Standards,” ERIC Document Reproduction Service, ED549166, 2014.

Book Chapters

  • “A Charmed Life”, in North American Adult Educations: Phyllis M. Cunningham Archive of Quintessential Autobiographies for the Twenty-first Century (Edited by K. Armstrong, L. Nabb, and A. Czech), Discovery Association Publishing House, 2007.
  • A.N. Whitehead’s Philosophy as a Conceptual Framework for Teacher Education,” (with B. Darrell) in Alfred North Whitehead on Learning and Education (Edited by Franz Riffert), Cambridge Scholars Press, 2005.

Religious Publications


  • “Toward an Arminian Universalist Theology,” Quodilbet Journal, Vol. 5, Number 1, 2003. Available at http://www.quodlibet.net/alexander-arminian.shtml
  • “Nonviolent Atonement and the Centrality of the Cross” Memphis Theological Seminary Journal, Vol. 41, pg. 57-66, 2005.
  • “Do Fundamentalism and Other Religious Variables Predict Domestic Violence?” IDEA, December 13, 2009 Vol.13, No.1.


Stories of a Recovering Fundamentalist: Understanding and Responding to Christian Absolutism, (BOOK), AuthorHouse, 2008. (Winner of National Best Books Award—Religion/Christianity, 2008).


  • Kappa Delta (KWC) Professor of the Month (2000, 2002. 2008)
  • Winner National Best Book Award—Religion/Christianity (2008)

Professional Memberships

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Reading Recovery Council of North America
  • International Reading Association


  • Missouri Elementary K-8 Life
  • Missouri Reading Specialist K-12 Life
  • Missouri Music K-9 Life
  • Rank 1 Kentucky K-6
  • Rank 1 Kentucky Reading and Writing K-12
  • Rank 1 Kentucky Elementary Music