Requirements – Phys Ed

Physical Education P-12 – program completion certifies the graduate to teach grades P-12.

Physical Education P-12 Teaching Certification majors who complete all of the course requirements for the major and the health endorsement will receive a health minor. Completing the health emphasis in conjunction with P-12 certifies the graduate to teach health.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education P-12 is offered.

Students are required to work with both a content discipline advisor and a teacher education advisor.

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education P-12: 88-112
Core Requirements
Professional education courses: Students must meet certain standards as set forth by the program of teacher education. A “C” or better
grade is required in each of these courses. Students must also demonstrate competence in swimming
ED 1100 Introduction to Education
ED 2302 Educational Technology (replaces CL 1101 in General Education Requirements)
ED 3308 Educational Psychology
ED 3311 Methods and Materials Middle and High School
ED 4203Student Teaching Seminar
ED 4300 Discipline and Classroom Management Middle and High School
EDPH 4601 Directed Teaching
EDPH 4602 Directed Teaching
PEH 2300Contemporary Health Topics
Students must take one of the following:
EDMG 2301Adolescent Development
PSY 2301Human Development
Supporting Requirements
These courses may be used to satisfy the general education program.
ED 2300 Foundations of Education
Must take one of the following:
POLS 1301 American National Government
POLS 2302 State and Local Government
Must take six hours of the same foreign language (Spanish is recommended).
Kinesiology and Health Promotion Discipline Courses
BIO 2403Human Anatomy and Physiology
PE 1103Introduction to Kinesiology and Health Promotion
PE 2111 Motor Development
KHP 3323 Exercise Physiology I
PE 2331 Activity for Majors I
PE 2332Activity for Majors II
PE 3101Exercise Practicum
PE 3102 Exercise Practicum
PE 3304 Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary Physical Education
PE 3305History and Philosophy of Sport and Exercise
PE 3306Biomechanics
PE 3307 Methods and Materials, Teaching Physical Education K-8
PE 3310 Sociological/Psychological Aspects of Sport
KHP 3360Exercise Assessment and Prescription
PEH 4203 Wellness Practicum
PE 4301 Seminar
PE 4306Adapted Physical Education