Academic Major

Students wishing to be certified in secondary education must choose an academic major. A major includes a 30-semester hour minimum. (“C” minimum is required in each course.) A student must meet academic program requirements set forth elsewhere in this bulletin.

Kentucky Certification in Secondary Education
51-57 hours
Kentucky Certification in Secondary Education 8-12
Professional Education Courses: a ``C'' or better grade is required in each of these courses.
ED 100Introduction to Education
ED 202 Educational Technology (replaces CL 1101 in gen. ed.)
ED 203Exceptional Child
ED 308Educational Psychology
ED 311Methods and Materials High School
ED 312 Subject Area Methods and Materials
ED 400 Discipline/Classroom Management Middle and High School
ED 410Student Teaching Seminar
EDMG 201Adolescent Development
EDSE 401 Directed Teaching Middle Grades
EDSE 402 Directed Teaching Middle Grades
PEH 200Contemporary Health Topics
Supporting Requirements
These courses may be used to satisfy the general education requirements.
ED 200Foundations of Education
Must take one of the following:
POLS 101American National Government
POLS 202State and Local Government
Must complete a minimum of six (6) semester credit hours of the same foreign language or CLEP test credit, unless the content major requires intermediate proficiency in which case the student must take 12 hours. Spanish is recommended.