Bachelor of Arts in Music

This general music degree prepares students for careers in performance, church music, private teaching, and various music leadership positions in the community.


Bachelor of Arts in Music47 Total Hours
Core Requirements29 Hours
MUS 139Aural Skills 11
MUS 140 Aural Skills 21
MUS 147Music Theory 13
MUS 148Music Theory 23
MUS 220, 324, or 340Music History 1, 2, or 33
MUS 377Conducting2
MUS 450Senior Project/Recital1
variousApplied Music8
variousApplied Piano1
variousMusic Ensemble6 (2 upper-level)
Suggested Electives (Performance)18 Hours
MUS 235Music Theory 33
MUS 220, 324, or 340Music History 1, 2, or 36
MUS 351 OR MUS 374Vocal Pedagogy or Instrumental Methods2
MUS xxxInternship3
MUS xxxEnsemble Assistantship1
MUS xxxIndependent Study3