Course Descriptions

Please refer to the current Academic Bulletin for the most updated list of course descriptions for this major.

Business Courses

BA 101 Introduction to Business
3 Semester Credit Hours
An introduction to business and management concepts. The course will cover different types of legal business entities; how to plan and organize a business; how to manage and operate a business; basic revenue models; and other basic concepts related to successful business administration such as financial, operational, and human resource functions. Offered ever Fall and Spring

ACCT 211 Principles of Accounting I
3 Semester Credit Hours
Introduction to financial accounting for business. Identifies and uses the terms in the accounting equation to analyze transactions and events. Examines assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, revenue and expense accounts included in the balance sheet and income statement of uncomplicated business. Prerequisite: None. Offered every Fall.

ACCT 212 Principles of Accounting II
3 Semester Credit Hours
Introduction to the accounting information used by managements of organizations for decision-making purposes. Topics covered include: cost-volume profit (CVP) analysis, decision-making, responsibility accounting and financial statement analysis. Prerequisite: ACCT 211. Offered every Spring.

BA 261 Principles of Marketing
3 Semester Credit Hours
A study of the fundamentals of marketing which includes identification of the market, design of the product or service, communication and promotion, pricing and distribution. The relationship of marketing and society will be examined. Offered every Spring.

BA 325 Business Law
3 Semester Credit Hours
The principles and rules of law which comprise the legal framework of business: contracts, agency, commercial paper, personal property and sale of goods. Prerequisites: BA 101. Offered every Fall.

ECON 231 Principles of Microeconomics
3 Semester Credit Hours
An introductory course in the theory of value and distribution. Topics include the rational behavior of consumers, resource owners, and business firms; the pricing of output and resources under various market conditions; and the interrelationship of economic units in a system of price-making markets. Prerequisite: MATH 101, MATH 103, MATH 105 or MATH 121. Offered every Fall semester.

Communication Arts Courses

CART 100 Mass Communications and Society
3 Semester Credit Hours
This course provides a general introduction to the various components of mass communications. Special emphasis is given to the interdisciplinary nature of mass communications. Sociological, psychological, political, ethical and economic issues associated with the media are explored as well as mass media industries. Offered every Fall.

CART 141 Basic Public Speaking
3 Semester Credit Hours
This course examines the techniques of speech composition and delivery. Emphasis upon construction of speeches for informal and formal speaking. Offered both Fall and Spring.

CART 203 Introduction to Advertising
3 Semester Credit Hours
This course surveys of all forms of advertising: magazine, newspaper, radio, television, social media, outdoor, point-of-purchase, etc. The development and societal implications of advertising are also explored. Consideration is given to campaign development, audience research, media planning and the structure of the advertising industry. Offered every Fall.

CART 204 Introduction to Public Relations
3 Semester Credit Hours
Introduction to Public Relations is an introductory survey of the field and practices of public relations. The course provides an overview of public relations as practiced in print, broadcast and internet-based media, corporate image development and relationship building. Offered every Spring.

CART 207 Audio Production
3 Semester Credit Hours
Basic theory and techniques of audio production, including production equipment used, basic principles of audio editing, and creative aspects of editing and audio delivery. The course will also include an overview of the audio production industry and business and legal issues associated with it. Prerequisite: CART 100 or consent of instructor. Offered on an irregular basis.

Music Courses

MUS 101 Music Theory I
3 Semester Credit Hour
Music Theory I is a course designed for music majors and music minors. This course is a prerequisite to Music Theory II. Students will cover the basics of music reading in treble, bass, alto and tenor clef. Study in key signatures, scales, modes, and intervals as well as basic understandings of meter will prepare the student for Music Theory II. Prerequisite: None. Corequisite: MUS 139. Offered every Fall semester

MUS 139 Aural Skills I
1 Semester Credit Hour
Aural Skills I is a beginning study of aural perception of music through sight singing, rhythmic performance, aural drills and solfege development skills. Through aural dictation exercises, students will demonstrate the ability to perceive aurally intervals, major and minor scales and triads, compound and simple meters, melodic outlines of scales and tonic and dominant harmonies, and harmonic progressions comprising primary triads. Corequisite: MUS 101 or permission of instructor. Offered every Fall.

MUS 150 Music Theory II
3 Semester Credit Hours
Music Theory II is the study of the building blocks of music through analysis and fundamental study development. Corequisite: MUS 140. Prerequisite: MUS 101. Offered every Spring.

MUS 140 Aural Skills II
1 Semester Credit Hour
A continuation of the development of sight-singing an dictation skills to include recognition of melodies that outline primary triads, rhythms with subdivided beats, harmonies that include all diatonic triads, and elementary chromaticism. Through aural dictation exercises, students will demonstrate their ability to perceive aurally intervals, diatonic harmonies and melodies, musical forms (especially binary and ternary) and compound or simple meters with rhythmic values on the level of the subdivided beat. Prerequisite: MUS 139. Corequisite: MUS 150. Offered every Spring.

MUS 327 History of Music I: Beginnings through Baroque
3 Semester Credit Hours
A survey of music in western civilization from antiquity through the late Baroque period. Prerequisite: music major or minor, sophomore standing or permission of instructor. Offered every Fall of even numbered years.