Sociology Course Descriptions

SOC 1300 – Principles of Sociology – 3 hours. An overview of the major concepts, theories and research findings of the discipline of sociology. Develops the student’s ability to use the sociological perspective to understand everyday social reality.

SOC 1330* – Introduction to Social Work – 3 hours. Social work methods are introduced and the major areas of social work practice are described. Special emphasis on social work values and on the field’s relationship to the other helping professions.

SOC 2300 – Social Problems – 3 hours. A survey of a wide variety of contemporary social problems including poverty, racism, sexism, crime, family problems, environmental degradation and overpopulation. Covers causes and possible solutions.

SOC 2302 – Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences – 3 hours. Descriptive and inferential statistics as used in the fields of sociology, criminal justice, education and psychology. Cross-listed with CJC 2302 and PSY 2302.

SOC 3302* – The Family – 3 hours. A sociological analysis of the institution of the family with special emphasis on minority families and on current trends in family life. Prerequisite: SOC 1300 or consent of instructor.

SOC 3308 – Minority Relations – 3 hours. A study of the relations between dominant and subordinate racial and ethnic groups in the United States and in other countries. Places special emphasis on African-Americans. Cross-listed as CJC 3308.

SOC 3310 – Sociological and Psychological Aspects of Physical Education and Sport – 3 hours. The first half of the semester is devoted to understanding basic sociological concepts and examining social issues in sport. The second half of the semester focuses on the concepts and applications of sport psychology. Students not majoring in PE or sociology must secure permission of the instructor. Cross-listed as PE 3310.

SOC 3330 – Practicum in Sociology – 3 hours. Allows students to work as volunteers in social service agencies under professional supervision. Requires readings, written assignments, and regular meetings with the campus professor. Prerequisite: Sociology or human services administration major or sociology minor.

SOC 3335* – Health, Ethics and Society – 3 hours. A seminar focusing on issues of medical ethics. Cross-listed as PEH 4335. Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor.

SOC 3362* – Deviant Behavior – 3 hours. Examines a variety of theoretical and substantive issues concerning social deviance with primary emphasis on non-criminal norm violation. Cross-listed as CJC 3362.

SOC 3364* – Juvenile Delinquency – 3 hours. Examines the character of and theoretical explanations for juvenile misbehavior and the evolution of the juvenile justice system with special emphasis on juvenile gangs. Cross-listed as CJC 3364. Prerequisite: SOC 1300 or CJC 1300 or permission of instructor.

SOC 3366* – Criminology – 3 hours. An introduction to the principal theories of criminal behavior and an application of these perspectives to major types of crime. Cross-listed as CJC 3366. Prerequisite: SOC 1300 or CJC 1300 or permission of instructor.

SOC 3380 – Research Methods – 3 hours. Overviews the philosophy and methodology of empirical research in the social sciences. Cross-listed as CJC 3380. Prerequisite: major in sociology or criminal justice.

SOC 4130, 4230, 4330 – Independent Study – 1-3 hours. Junior and senior sociology and human service administration majors may earn up to three hours of credit for independent research into a sociological topic of special interest.

SOC 4300* – Advanced Topics in Sociology – 3 hours. Upper-level courses taught on an occasional basis depending on student interest. Representative topics: agency administration, family violence, advanced sociological theory. Prerequisite: SOC 1300.