Haley Roby

Haley Roby



Bachelor of Arts in English, Alice Lloyd College

Study Abroad Program in English, Imperial College, London, England

Areas of Instruction

Costume Design

Hand Sewing

Machine Sewing

Technical Costume Design Documentation


Haley Roby grew up in Manchester, KY and lived in Louisville for several years. Her costume design adventures began in college during which she was lead costume designer in three theater productions. To date, Haley has worked as sole costume designer on almost a dozen plays. Haley loves viewing plays including quite a few in London, England and New York City over the years. Haley came onboard at Kentucky Wesleyan College in 2021. Her recent work includes KWC’s productions of Frankenstein, Chess: The Musical, Sweeney Todd, A Doll’s House-Part II, Much Ado about Nothing, and Guys and Dolls as well as Theatre Workshop of Owensboro’s Something’s Afoot. Haley also enjoys being a mother to two little boys, native plant gardening with her husband, and traveling.

Professional Activities

Owner of Design You by Haley Roby, personal stylist business