Accounting 3+3 Program Requirements

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Accounting 3+3 Program Requirements
Program with no changes in Gen Ed Requirements.
General Education42 hrs
Humanities9 hrs
American History1 - 3 hrs
Philosophy (Logic)3 hrs
Religion3 hrs
Aesthetics6 hrs
Art, Music or Theater3 hrs
Literature3 hrs
Social Sciences6 hrs
POLS 100American Government3 hrs
PSY 100 Intro. to Psychology3 hrs
Natural Sciences and Math10 hrs
MATH 101 or
MATH 121
College Algebra or
I- 4 hrs
FSCI 100 Forensic Science3 hrs
Science with lab4 hrs
Communication skills8hrs
Writing Workshop I & 27 hrs
CL 101
Fitness & Wellness3 hrs
KHP 1003 hrs
*Multicultural course -3 hrs : see cross listed courses to meet this requirement
Business and Accounting36 hrs
ACCT 231Principles of Accounting I3 hrs
ACCT 232Principles of Accounting II3 hrs
ECON 231Principles of Microeconomics3 hrs
ECON 232Principles of Macroeconomics3 hrs
BA 100Business, Entrepreneurship & Consultancy3 hrs
ACCT 317Managerial Accounting3 hrs
BA 360International Business3 hrs
Business Statistics3 hrs
BA 345Business & Professional Writing3 hrs
BA 325Business Law3 hrs
BA 327 or
BA 326 or
BA 406
Employment Law or
Business Law II or
Strategy and Value Creation
3 hrs
BA 341Principles of Financial Management3 hrs
Free Electives12 hrs
Law I30 hrs all upper level