CETL Spring Conference 2017


2nd Annual Spring Conference on Active Learning: Engage to Motivate!

Keynote speaker Scott Dobler.


The 2nd Annual CETL Spring Conference focused on engaging students in the learning process. Instructors presented topics as diverse as Outreach Education to Open Education Resources to a Facing Project based on the lives of local veterans. Keynote Speaker Scott Dobler, Geography and GIS Instructor at Western Kentucky, spoke on the educational values of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that uses global positioning systems (GPS) to map a variety of information from many disciplines.


Music Instructor Lisa Clark shares her experiences with Outreach Opera, in which she lead a group of students who gave opera performances for area schools and community centers.
English Professor Tamara Coy describes her experiences with the Veterans Facing Project, in which a group of students interviewed area veterans, wrote stories based on their experiences, and staged theatre productions based on these stories.


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