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Assessment Resources
Authentic Assessment
Exams and Quizzes
Examples of Assessment
Formative and Summative Assessment

Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty
Copyright and Fair Use Overview

Clickers – Personal Response Systems
7 Things You should Know About (brief overviews)
Instruction – General
Best Practices
Guides and Toolkits
Little Ideas for Teaching (LIFTs

Instructional Strategies
Class Discussions

Instructional Methods
Active Learning
Case-Based Learning
Collaborative Learning – Cooperative Learning – Groupwork
Flipped Classroom
Problem-Based Learning – Project-Based Learning
Journals, Newsletters, and Podcasts
Online Instruction

Active Learning
Ablconnect (Harvard University) – samples of active-learning
Active Learning (University of Michigan)
Active Learning/Student Engagement (Coastal Caolina Community College)
An Active Learning Kit: Rationale, Methods, Models, Research, Bibliography (HASTAC)
What is Active Learning (Brown University)

Attendance and Participation
Entrance and Exit Tickets (Brown University)

Authentic Assessent
Authentic Assessment Toolkit

Best Practices
A Brief Summary of the Best Practices in College Teaching (Tom Drummond)

Case-Based & Case Study Learning
Case-Based Learning (Boston University)
Case-Based Learning (Yale University)
National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (University of Buffalo)

Class Discussions
Effective Class Discussions (Yale University)

Clickers and Personal Response Systems
Clicker Resources (CWSEI – University of British Colimbia)

Collaborative and Cooperative Learning
Collaborative Learning (Cornell University)
Overview of Cooperative Learning (Cooperative Learning Institute)

Copyright and Fair Use
Copyright Overview (Stanford University)

Examples of Assessment
Course-Level Examples (Carnegie Mellon University)

Exams and Quizzes
A Short Guide to Writing Effective Test Questions (Kansas State University) – pdf
Creating Exams (Carnegie Mellon Univaersity)
Exam Questions: Types, Characteristics, and Suggestions (University of Waterloo, CA)

Effective Feedback in the Classroom (Grand Canyon University)
Seven Principles Of Effective Feedback Practice (You’re the Teacher)

Flipped Classroom
Flipping the Classroom (University of Washington)
Ready to Flip: Three Ways to Hold Students Accountable for Pre-Class Work (Faculty Focus)

Formative & Summative Assessment
Check for Learning (UT Austin)
What is the difference between formative and summative assessment? (Carnegie Mellon University)

Game-Based Learning
Reacting to the Past – History (Barbard College

Guides and Toolkits for Teaching (comprehensive coverage of multiple aspects of instruction)
HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) – community of professors
Toolkit for Learning and Teaching (Univ of Sheffield, UK)

Infographics-tools and student projects (NspireD2)

Journals, Newsletters and Podcasts
International Journal for the Scholarship of Technology-Enhanced Learning (IJSoTEL)
Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement (JHEOE)
Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Online Learning (Online Learning Consortium)
Teaching in Higher Ed (blogs and podcasts)

Wesleyan Lightboard Introduction by Kyle Besing and Kyle Watson
Editing Lightboard Video by Kyle Besing
Northwestern Lightboard Introduction – Nortthwestern University
Illustrating Key Concepts and Problems Using a Lightboard – Iowa State University

Little Ideas for Teaching (LIFTs) (Illinois State University) – pdfs
LIFTS – all
Engaging Students in Lectures
Exam review Strategies

Online Instruction
TeachOnline (ASU) – general resources

PowerPoint and Other Presentation Tools
Effective Multimedia Lecture Slides

Project-Based and Problem-Based Learning
PBL Clearinghouse – examples from multiple disciplines (University of Delaware)
Context-Rich Problems (physics)
Context-Rich Problems (economics but good overview)
Wicked Problems Video (about design thinking)
Wicked Problems Explanation (Northwestern University)
Wicked Problems (online book by Austin Center for Design)

Socratic Questioning
Using Socratic Questioning (SERC)

Service-Learning and Community Engagement
Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement (JHEOE)

Structured Academic Controversy
Structured Academic Controversy (SERC)
Structured Academic Controversy
Structured Academic Controversy – SAC (History but good overview)

How to Create a Syllabus – Guide from Chronicle of Higher Education
Sample Policies on Mobile Devices


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