Bonner Outcomes

The Wesleyan Bonner program has these learning outcomes for students:

  • Identify, develop, and integrate service and civic engagement passions, academic studies, and career interests (following the Bonner Student Development model of the 5Es – Expectation, Explore, Experience, Example, and Expertise)
  • Develop peer leadership skills
  • Build written and verbal communication skills
  • Gain specific experience with an organization closely tied to the student’s interest


In addition, the National Bonner Program lays out ten student learning outcomes:

Civic Agency Ability to take action to address an issue or promote the public good. Empathy Ability to relate to and share feelings of diverse others.
Civic Identity Sense of commitment and responsibility as a member of a community and society. Integrative Learning Connects relevant experience and academic knowledge.
Perspective Taking Ability to analyze and synthesize diverse perspectives. Leadership Capacity to collaborate with and lead others to achieve a goal or common purpose.
Communication Ability to effectively communicate in diverse formats and forums. Place and Issue Knowledge Understanding of facets of a specific community or issue.
Diversity Competence Understanding and capacity to learn from and with diverse others. Social Justice Abilities to examine and act to promote fairness and equity.

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