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Engage me

How to engage me

Students – Tell us what you would like to see happen in your classes to motivate and engage you. You can offer general suggestions (“more real-life examples”, “less lecture”) or offer suggestions for a specific course (“Criminal Justice-Policing – visit the police station”, “Intro to Psychology-use political cartoons to illustrate concepts”).

This is your opportunity to make the student voice heard, so BE SERIOUS, please.

Your suggestions can be completely anonymous or you can provide your name if you’re OK with us in the Center for Teaching and Learning asking you more questions. But we will NOT give your name to faculty or administrators (unless something indicates to us that you are in trouble and need help, although this isn’t really that kind of survey).

We will pass suggestions along to the faculty as a whole or to faculty teaching specific courses mentioned (but again, we will NOT give your name). We may use your suggestions in a workshop or in research we conduct. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the above uses of your suggestions.