Scholarship, Research, Creativity

Scholarships, Research, & Creativity


What is it?

An inquiry or investigation conducted by a undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. This can be any subject -Art, Physics, Business, English, etc.

Why do it?

  • Apply new knowledge and skills to unique challenges of your choosing
  • Create original scholarly works
  • Collaborate with faculty mentors
  • Develop critical thinking, project management, and presentation skills

Who does it?

Students in all disciplines are encouraged to participate in independent research and creative activities. Some Kentucky Wesleyan College programs require research or creative projects -Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology- but you can undertake a project in any class or co-curricular activity.

How can I do it?

    • Talk to your professor or adviser or sponsor
    • Talk to CETL (Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning)

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