Thank you Professor

Send your instructor(s) a thank you today!

Do you have a professor who has made an impact on you, who has engaged you or classmates?  Most professors may never know the impact they have had on your lives.  For many, hearing “thank you” from a student can be a highlight of their semester.  Thank a prof for the hard work, dedication, and effort that gave you that unforgettable learning experience.  Show your appreciation to faculty, mentors, staff and advisers who have made a difference in your education.

It might be someone who has:

inspired you
encouraged you
made class worthwhile
made class content exciting and interesting
or simply helped you in some way

Let that instructor know Thank You for the hard work, dedication and effort that gave you an unforgettable learning experience.

Thank-A-Prof also allows students to thank an instructor after a class is completed -even several semesters later.

Through the Thank-A-Prof program, students’ positive, unsolicited feedback is recorded through a letter that the instructor receives from the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning.  The CETL also sends a copy of the letter to the instructor’s department head and the Dean of Academic Affairs.

You may include your name or, if you prefer, remain anonymous. We will help by sending a letter to your teacher that conveys your appreciation.


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