Retention and Freshman Advising

As the academic support faculty of the campus and Center for Student Success, our goal is to:

  1. Help with day-to-day operations of the Center for Student Success,
  2. Teach two sections of the history 1411 labs,
  3. Counsel and advise probationary students, and
  4. Meet with any student who requests individual help with reading their assignments, remembering what they read, managing their study and personal time, taking tests and coping with test anxiety.

Benefits to students:

The goal in these classes and individual sessions is to provide students with the opportunity to reach their highest level of productivity possible in their college learning and studying.

The way we do this is to expose the students to reading and study strategies that have proven to work, no matter the class or the student.

The students learn short-cuts that are easy to use, save hours of reading and study time, help them stay focused, and match the learning style of each student.

The success of each student is our success.