SophoMORE Experience Events

Sophomore Summit

The Sophomore Summit is a fall semester kick-off for all KWC second-year students.  The goal of the Summit is to give sophomores a time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and get focused for the decisions they will make over the upcoming academic year.  Sessions will include teambuilding activities, workshops on finding your passion, internships, social media, an academic coaching session with your academic advisor, a service project, and a sophomore convocation and pinning ceremony.  There will also be an off-campus fun, social activity.

“Learn More” Workshops

In order to help second-year students learn more about career development and the their future after graduation, these workshops will focus on topics like Resume Development, Study Abroad, Interview Skills, and the Graduate School application process.

“Be More” Workshops

Focused on helping second-year students to become well-rounded adults, the “Be More” series will focus on topics like Financial Management, Stress Management, Time Management, and Knowing your Strengths.

“Lead More” Retreat

In the early Spring, sophomores will be invited to attend an off-campus leadership retreat.  The event will focus on helping second-year students develop leadership skills and a plan for how they will lead the KWC community.  The retreat will be a lot of fun!

Career Luncheons

Each month a KWC alum in a specific major or career field will have lunch with sophomores to talk about their experience at KWC, their career path, and internship opportunities.  This a great way for second-year students to explore different career options, network with alums and create new opportunities for themselves.

Sophomores Serve

Giving back to the community creates a sense of purpose and encourages camaraderie.  Once a month, second-year students will be invited to participate in a service project as a class.  Some will take place on campus and others will occur in the local area.

Mystery Bus Tours

Once a month, sophomores will be able to sign up to go on a mystery trip somewhere within three hours of the college.  These trips will be strictly fun and social.  You don’t want to miss these!