Three-Year Degree Option

The traditional four-year college experience is appropriate for the majority of students, but there are those who are capable of and seek a faster entry into the workforce or into post graduate education. Kentucky Wesleyan College’s three –year degree programs were designed for students who are focused and motivated, ready for a challenge, and eager to reduce their time to graduation. Students pursuing the three year option complete the same requirements as four-year students and have the same opportunities to participate in study abroad, undergraduate research, service learning, internships and other cocurricular experiences as traditional four-year students, but they attend college year round.

Added Benefits

Students will save between $13,000 and $20,000 in college tuition, room & board, and fees and incur less student debt. The real value is how much more you will earn over your lifetime by their entering into the work force a year earlier.

Who Qualifies

To be considered for the Program you should have a high school grade point average of at least a 3.0 out of a 4.0, be college-ready as defined by the ACT (composite of 21 based on English Composition – 18, Reading – 21, Mathematics – 22, and Biology – 24 section scores) or SAT (composite of 1050 based on the combined scores from the Critical Reading and Mathematics components), and be motivated.

Course Plans

Three year degree participants will take loads of 15 semester hours each fall and spring. A normal full time load is between 12 and 18, so students won’t be buried with classes, thus having time to engage in the full-college experience. During the summer, students take general education courses, allowing them to take courses in their major during the traditional academic year. Students who transfer in some college credits will be able to take a lighter load in some semesters or the summer time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What majors can I complete in the Program?

All majors except those in Education fields (includes secondary education certifications), AccountingCPA track are eligible for this program. Why are there Admissions criteria for applicants in this program? Students must be motivated and focused. Motivated by the opportunity to finish faster, save money and start their careers or enter post graduate programs, e.g. Medical, Dental, Law or graduate schools earlier. They must be disciplined enough and academically prepared to handle a full course load during the academic year and online coursework in the summer.

What are the minimum requirements for students to be admitted into and to remain in this program?

Students should have a high school grade point average of at least a 3.0 out of a 4.0, be collegeready as defined by the ACT (composite of 21 based on English Composition, Reading, Mathematics, and Biology components) or the SAT (composite of 1050 based on the combined scores from the Critical Reading and Mathematics components), and be motivated. They must remain in good academic standing (maintain a 2.0 GPA overall and in their major), and must accumulate a minimum of 30 credit hrs. during the academic year (fall and spring semesters) and an average of 45 credit hrs. during the first two calendar years. What if I want to participate in four years of athletics, music, or just college life in general? This program isn’t for everyone. Some students won’t be interested, some won’t qualify. This is a special program for a select group of students.

What will my course load be during the three years?

Students will average 15 credit hours each fall and spring semester, and 12 hours in each of two summers. Students who transfer in with AP, Dual Enrollment credit, CLEP, IB, and/or ACE credits will be able to take a lighter load in some semesters or the summer or even omit a summer term depending on how much credit they have. How are college credits earned during high school, e.g.,

Advanced Placement, CLEP, International Baccalaureate, Dual Enrollment, and/or ACE military credits, treated?

Students may transfer in a maximum of 42 hrs. of college credit earned during high school. These are typically earned through dual enrollment (which requires a college transcript to receive credit), Advanced Placement, or CLEP credits earned through examinations, and IB credits. Thus students may be able to skip a summer or take a lighter load during the academic year depending on how many credits they transfer and what course requirements these credits meet. In addition to college credits some students bring in ACE military credits which will further reduce academic year or summer course loads.

What courses will I take in the summer?

Summer courses will be primarily general education courses (courses each student must take). This means the academic year will focus on required major courses.

Do I need to live on campus in the summer?

No, summer courses are offered online, allowing students to live anywhere. Students who elect to take traditional face-to-face courses on campus can rent a room in the residence hall.

Can I study abroad?

Yes. If you plan on spending a semester abroad you will need to do some careful planning with your academic advisor to make sure it is feasible and will not slow down your progress to degree.

Will I be required to take overloads during the academic year?

Overloads (more than 18 credit hours per academic semester) are typically not required in this program. However, some majors (those with numerous lab requirements) may require overloads. If overloads are needed, they will charged at the standard overload rate.

How will I save money by finishing in three years?

You will save money by not having any tuition, fees, and room & board costs for the 4th year. Additionally, you will incur less student debt if you need loans to help finance your education.

Why are tuition costs for this program higher than Kentucky Wesleyan’s regular tuition?

Tuition costs for this program are fixed, meaning students who are accepted into this program will incur no raises in their tuition costs over the 3 yrs. Also, costs for this program factor in summer tuition.

What are typical fees and are they included?

Fees are not included as part of this program. Kentucky Wesleyan College charges all students Technology, Health and Wellness, and Student Activity fees each term. Additionally there are fees associated with freshman Orientation, Graduation, and certain courses, such as: laboratory fees for science courses, studio fees for art courses, applied music fees for private music lessons, and online course fees.

How will my financial aid be handled?

Financial aid will be applied to a student’s account to even out costs in each semester as much as possible. KWC aid and Federal loans are available in each semester. For those who are eligible, Federal Pell grants will be prorated over the fall, spring and summer. State grants will only apply in the fall and spring.

Can I drop out of the program after I have started?

Yes, students who start in this program may convert to a traditional four-year program at any time.

Who can answer other questions that I still have?

Contact us at

Is there a deadline to apply for the program?

Students must apply and be accepted into the program by June 1, prior to the start of their freshman year.