Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

At many colleges and universities, more than half of the students take five or six or more years to earn a bachelor’s degree. Starting with the incoming freshman class, Kentucky Wesleyan will guarantee you will graduate in four years, or we’ll pay the tuition for up to one year for the extra time it takes you to finish.

Why will Kentucky Wesleyan College make this promise?

Because we believe that a private education at Kentucky Wesleyan College is affordable and has long term value. Kentucky Wesleyan’s academic programs and personalized student attention are geared to helping you to find yourself. As a result, the College guarantees in writing that freshmen who meet the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee requirements will graduate within four calendar years. If not, Kentucky Wesleyan will waive tuition for courses needed to complete the degree. This is Kentucky Wesleyan’s promise to students and represents what the College has been doing well for over 150 years.

Why is graduating in four years important?

There are three reasons why graduating in four years is important. One is the additional cost of tuition, fees, room, board and incidental fees if it takes more than four years to graduate. The second is the loss of potential earnings due to delayed entry into a career. These losses can amount to $28,000-60,000 a year due to entering the workplace late. The third is the longer it takes, the less likely it is that students will complete their degree.

How does the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee work?

Kentucky Wesleyan’s four year graduation guarantee does not require you to start with college credits, go to summer school, or forgo the opportunities to participate in athletics, complete internships, or study abroad. However, it DOES require you to meet certain academic and social expectations that include:

  1. Coming to Kentucky Wesleyan’s ready to do college-level work and selecting a major that is intended for four year completion at Kentucky Wesleyan’s.
  2. Signing the Four-year Graduation Guarantee agreement before you begin your first semester as a freshman. While you do not need to commit to a major to participate in the Guarantee, you will need to declare a major by the sophomore year. Some programs, such as Education, Music Performance and the science majors require an earlier declaration. You may change majors, if at the time you make a change, you can still meet the requirements of the new major and graduate within four calendar years.
  3. Remain in good academic standing (2.00 GPA – major and institutional).
  4. Complete 30 hours each year for four years as required by the college and major, and meet all degree progress checkpoints. Some majors will require more than 30 hrs. per year, but may be completed within the 4 year (eight semester time-frame).
  5. Meet with your faculty advisor prior to registration each term to review your course plan and monitor progress.
  6. Register for courses within two days of the assigned early registration appointment. Sole exceptions: Students who are on Study Abroad may require a few additional days to register.
  7. Forgo “convenience” class scheduling (Example: scheduling only Tuesday-Thursday classes); Enroll in available courses needed for the program of study; accept any available section that can be accommodated in your course schedule.
  8. Make annual application for all necessary financial assistance by the preferred federal filing dates, to avoid registration problems and to ensure you secure all financial aid for which you qualify.
  9. Apply for graduation by the stated deadline published in the academic and/or term calendars.
  10. Monitor your own progress toward degree.
  11. Notify your faculty advisor, within two days of registering, if you were unable to register for a required course needed in the major or for graduation.
  12. Remain in good disciplinary standing.
  13. Satisfy all financial obligations to the College by the stated deadlines.
  14. Avoiding any academic or judicial suspension or action that delays graduation. The College reserves the right to cancel its free tuition guarantee if the student does not comply with one or more of the above policies. In addition, The Four-Year Graduation Guarantee may not be applicable if the student elects certain second or third majors requiring coursework beyond what can be reasonably accommodated within a four-year period, or elects to defer graduation to allow athletic participation in a fifth academic year.

The Guarantee

If the student meets all the conditions of the four year plan but is unable to graduate due to unavailability of a course, the college will offer one of the following:

  1. Enable the student to graduate in four years by substituting a different course or providing a directed study as determined by the department and the college offering the student’s major.
  2. Allow the unavailability of the course(s) to delay the student from graduating in four years, in which case Kentucky Wesleyan will waive the tuition for those unavailable courses in order for the student to graduate within the next academic year.

These two adjustments will be Kentucky Wesleyan’s sole remedies for the four year guarantee. The College is under no obligation to provide one of these adjustments unless the student submits a written request for an accommodation to the Vice President of Academic Affairs prior to beginning of classes in the last term of the student’s four year plan.

The Four-Year Degree Guarantee will be reviewed with each student during Summer Freshmen Orientation session, and a partnership agreement will be signed by the President or the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the student, and his/her parents at that time. For additional details about our Four-Year Degree Guarantee, contact your admissions counselor in the Office of Admissions at (270) 852-3120.

Programs that are excluded: All pre-professional programs that require a student to be on KWC’s campus for only part of their degree program (e.g. Medical Technology, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Engineering/Engineering, Pre-Optometry – 3 year option, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Physician Assistant) and the Accounting CPA track.