Honors Success Stories

Gloria Endicott Class of 2021 (with Janella Moy)

New York University – Graduate School – English

Kentucky Wesleyan’s honors program propelled my academic career in a number of positive, unexpected ways. Not only did the classes challenge me, but they also prepared me for intense, focused research projects that impacted my acceptance into NYU’s English graduate school. The extra assignments and longer, more detailed papers refined my endurance when it came to writing and research. The professors who directed the honors classes encouraged me to put extra energy into my craft, solidifying my newfound work ethic and passion for literature, creative writing, politics, and philosophy. I believe emphasizing my honors credits in my CV impacted my acceptance to one of the country’s top-tier universities. I appreciate everything the honors program has done for me and hope to see it expand and influence new generations of students.

Maddie Coleman Class of 2021 (with Janella Moy)

Admissions Kentucky Wesleyan College

I am currently working as an Admissions Counselor at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

The Honors courses and teachers assisted me in finding the right career path for me. The Honors classes and teachers held me to a higher standard, not only making me a better student but a more well-rounded person. I feel that overall the Honors program impacted me in so many ways but specifically the program helped me create larger academic goals, in turn creating a better future for myself.


Josiah Coleman Class of 2020

Eastern Kentucky University – Graduate School – English

I graduated from KWC in 2020, double majoring in Art and English, with a minor in History. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in English at EKU and working in the Studio for Academic Creativity for experience in teaching writing.

For me, a major benefit of the Honors Program and Honors Club at KWC was the contact with other students who were like-minded about pursuing academic excellence. Honors classes provided me with the opportunity to develop my depth of study, especially in researching for assignments and essays. This prepared me greatly for my entrance into graduate school.

Honors classes also pushed me to think critically in areas I otherwise took for granted. One of my favorite Honors assignments was in History of Kentucky, which challenged me to look at the symbology that surrounds our State Motto and Seal and examine how they embody the history of the state and the events that created Kentucky. Other courses allowed me to examine the interdisciplinary aspects of my studies at KWC. In American Regionalism, I found great excitement in connecting the references to the Visual Arts in several of the texts we studied, and ultimately based my term paper on those connections.