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Kentucky Wesleyan’s QEP aims to improve student writing through three specific engagement experiences – (1) Internships, (2) Service-Learning, and (3) Research, Scholarly and Creative Work. Extensive research has demonstrated that integration of course content with practical experience engenders deeper and more meaningful learning, has positive influences on persistence, degree completion, and the development of skills, and promotes students’ personal development.

Internships (including practica and field experiences, though not student teaching) are work experiences that provide students a means to explore career options, gain a better understanding of professional expectations and begin integrating college coursework into practice. While there are many different types of internships available to college students, this QEP will focus specifically on academic internships, or those experiences that combine part-time work with a significant academic component as students receive academic credit.

Desired Changes to Academic Internship Program: The goal of including academic internships in Writing through Engagement is not to create a new program but is to improve a program already in place. To achieve this, academic internships at Kentucky Wesleyan will become more intentionally designed as high impact learning experiences with a focus on integrative writing in addition to career building and networking opportunities.