Marketing and Social Media Intern – Logan Ayer

Throughout my second semester at Kentucky Wesleyan college I interned with the social media department and I have learned many things. I’ve also been asked to do many things for the social media accounts. I’ve deeply enjoyed being able to learn some new things, from ways to edit videos and pictures, to how to work the video camera that I used to video current students. I was able to work the men’s GMAC basketball tournament tweeting and posting on how our boys preformed.

GMAC Tournament

Probably one of my favorite things I did during this internship was to cover the GMAC men’s basketball tournament. I spent three days at the Owensboro Sportscenter watching the top 6 men’s teams compete for a chance to play in the NCAA D2 tournament. Which thankful KWC men’s pulled out the victory and brought home their second conference championship in a row. I was in charge of tweeting updates of the games along with posting on Instagram and Facebook. Here are a few pictures of posts that I had.



One of the projects that I along with the other interns had to do, was to interview current students and ask them questions about life on campus and what it is like to be a panther. This was my first time really ever using a camera like this along with a tripod, it was quiet a different experience for me. But it was a great learning experience. I was able to meet a few new faces. It was neat to learn why they enjoyed being here at Kentucky Wesleyan and what other people did with their free time.

Video project

After I took the interviews I had to take them back to my laptop and learn how to edit them and merge them into one single video. This was probably one of the hardest things I had to do because I was clueless at the beginning, but after many frustrating hours of work I was able to get it together.

Media Take Over Day

every intern had to pick one day out of the semester in which they would be in charge of the social media accounts for the school. We had to be able to show past, current, and future students what a regular day was like for us. I choose to do my take over day on the third day of finals. It was a cool experience showing everybody what I was doing throughout the day. Here is a video that I posted the morning of my take over day.