Marketing and Social Media Intern – Nicole Venema

Internship Photo

I was so honored to be one of the students picked for this social media/ marketing internship. I learned and gained a lot more knowledge about marketing as well as social media.

K-Dub Idol

This was the very first event I covered as an intern. I very much enjoyed taking photos and videos of all the talented students here at Kentucky Wesleyan. 

                                One of the contestants, Phillip singing with his amazing voice!

 Ask A Panther Video

This video was one of my favorite projects. I enjoyed walking around campus and interviewing current students about Kentucky Wesleyan College. I edited and put together the video below. 

Scholars Day

Scholars Day was a fun event to cover because it was very interesting to see all of the research that KWC students completed this year.

Caitlin Crabtree, a junior, presenting her research about Sulfa-Like Antibiotics.
Morgan Uebelacker explaining her research to other KWC students.
Dillon Schueler painting while KWC students take notes.

Student Involvement Awards Ceremony

For this event I was in charge of taking pictures and updating social media posts.  

Rebecca McQueen presenting awards to KWC students
Sydney Goff inducting new members into the council for student government.
Morgan Oakley handing out awards to students.