Transfer Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available to all transfer students through merit scholarships or need-based aid. Merit scholarships range from $2,500 to $8,500 per academic year (based on your cumulative college GPA). To receive need-based aid, you are required to complete the FAFSA.

KCTCS Advantage Scholarship

    • Minimum Requirements:
       – Transfer student, most recently attended a KCTCS institution (not Dual Credit)
       – Not receiving athletic aid
    • Amount: $5,000

Transfer Scholarship

  • Minimum Requirements: 2.0 GPA
  • Benefits: Up to $10,500 per year, renewable for four years
  • GPAScholarshipAssociates Degree
    3.5-4.0$7,500Additional $1,000 for Associates Degree
    3.0-3.4$6,000Additional $1,000 for Associates Degree
    2.5-2.9$5,000Additional $500 for Associates Degree
    2.0-2.4$4,000Additional $500 for Associates Degree
    Below 2.0$3,000