Underwriting on WKWC

Underwriting On WKWC

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is the non-commercial, radio form of “advertising,” and it is a way for stations such as ours to generate the minimal operating funds necessary for daily broadcast. Therefore, by underwriting with WKWC, you become an affiliate of our station, AND a proud supporter.

What are some of the benefits of underwriting?

  • WKWC is one of the fastest growing radio stations in the Owensboro area.
  • Your underwriting will reach the students of KWC, OCTC, and Brescia, in addition to the resident population of Owensboro-Daviess County and its surrounding areas.
  • The students and staff at WKWC benefit greatly from your support, as underwriting funds help to offset the costs of daily operation.
  • Underwriting is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!

What are the technicalities of underwriting?

Underwriting consists of on-air mentions, approximately 30 – 45 seconds in length that are either read live by a DJ or pre-recorded and played on a cart. An underwriting on-air mention may include the following information:

  • Name and Location of the Business
  • Three Services that the Business Offers
  • Phone Number and Hours of Operation of the Business

The above can include a menu list of items, value neutral descriptions, unique qualities of the business, trademark mottoes that normally accompany the business’ name, etc. Due to FCC regulations, an underwriting mention must follow this basic format and cannot include “calls to action,” comparative or qualitative descriptions, the promotion of free goods, or any prices.

As a non-commercial, public radio station, WKWC relies on businesses to support our programming. In turn, we are completely dedicated to the community that supports us.