Class of 2020 Profiles

This series profiles members of the Kentucky Wesleyan College Class of 2020. These are featured in The Wesleyan Way e-newsletter and we are proud to share our graduates’ accomplishment and future plans.

Kylie Foster ’20

Kennedale, Texas
Business Administration, Emphasis in Marketing, minor in Economics
Employed by Chick-fil-A in Louisville as a marketing coordinator

Served as Student Government Association president, co-captain of the volleyball team and vice president of finance for Kappa Delta

Kentucky Wesleyan helped me find who I am and allowed me to grow. I have balanced a full course load, my athletic schedule, countless extracurriculars and worked several part-time jobs. I have grown as a leader, learned to manage my time and came to understand my limits. KWC introduced me to people who have taught me valuable lessons, pushed me to pursue things that I never would have on my own and given me friends for a lifetime. KWC has been a constant blessing the past four years, and I’m extremely thankful that I experienced my college career here.

My goal is to serve on the Kentucky Wesleyan College Board of Trustees, so I can give back to the College I love.

John Henry Hershinow ’20

Lexington, Ky.

When I transferred to KWC, I had no clue what I wanted to do after I graduated, and that was the driving force behind my transfer. I believed if I left my comfort zone and went to a completely new place where I didn’t know anybody, I would learn more about myself in a short amount of time, and thankfully, it worked out that way. I quickly got involved in research on campus with Dr. Payne and Dr. Pritchard, and the projects I did here are what pushed me to want to do more research in the future. Dr. Pritchard was a fantastic research advisor and an excellent professor, and without her I would have never gained the experience necessary to even apply to graduate school. Dr. Finerty was also an excellent professor, and her vertebrate zoology class was my favorite class of my undergraduate career. I found that I truly wanted to learn the things we were covering in class, and it inspired me to want to become a college professor.

I love reptiles, especially lizards. I love learning about them, talking about them, and one of my long-term goals is to have a breeding facility for rare monitor lizards, so I can help breed them in conjunction with zoos.

This might get me in trouble, but for the two years I was here, I kept my lizard in my dorm room closet.

Jamir Johnson ’20 

Perry, Ga.
Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing

I plan to attend Cumberland University in Tennessee to attain my MBA and finish my football career with goals of reaching my highest potential.

The administrators here at Kentucky Wesleyan have helped me cultivate the skills it takes to be a man and make decisions on my own. Former football coach Taurean Smith showed me that I can only control the controllable and that is my attitude, effort and discipline. These skills are important not only on the football field, but in everyday life. One day I plan to raise a family, and that task is going to be full of surprises that I may not anticipate. Taking that simple phrase from my football coach will help me lay a foundation for myself as a human and a man, but also for the kind of family I wish to raise.

I am on various committees at KWC. The roles I am most proud of are my resident assistant job and my Senior Senator At Large responsibility in SGA. Aside from the football team, these associations helped me build a bond with a different demographic of people on campus; whether it was students or administrators.

Sierra Morrow ’20

Auburn, Ky.
Elementary Education
Teaching position at Stevenson Elementary in home area 

KWC gave me countless opportunities to grow my confidence and leadership skills. I was able to be more than just a student-athlete. In addition to playing volleyball, I was a resident assistant, in Kappa Delta and served on other committees. The education office helped me grow my teaching skills and allowed me to feel confident going into my job interview. My student teaching placement was also perfectly aligned with the school I will be teaching at in the fall.

The College is special to me for another reason. I met my fiancé, Michael McGee ’19, here. He proposed on the front lawn of campus in December, and we will be married in late July.