Class of 2021 – Alex Phillips first UofL 3+3 program participant

Alex Phillips is the first Kentucky Wesleyan student to enter the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in the 3 + 3 program between the two institutions. After three years at KWC, he will enter law school and his first year of law school will also count as his senior year at Wesleyan.

“It has been my life-long dream to become an attorney, and I get to go to law school a year early. I was sitting down for a class a few weeks ago, and checked my status with UofL on an app. It had changed from pending to admitted. I was overwhelmed, and the first thing I did was call my dad.

“I want to be a trial lawyer and work in family practice with my dad and my two older brothers. KWC prepared me.

“I remember when I came to the KWC campus for a visit. I liked it here, and I felt at home. I got to meet President Darrell, and I couldn’t believe he took the time to sit down and visit with me. He was friendly that day, and always, and he wrote a recommendation for law school.

“My professors were extraordinary. Agnes Church [assistant professor of accounting and business administration] was always very supportive. Dr. Eric Schmidt [assistant professor of political science] arranged an internship for me in a law firm. It has been great experience. I have done research and legal writing and observed several trials.

My classes here have been challenging. I have learned to write and to think critically, and I have had so much support along the way.”

Thoughts from President Emeritus Barton D. Darrell ’84, J.D.

“One of my first goals as president of my undergraduate alma mater was to make law school more affordable for our students. My law school alma mater, The University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law, agreed to partner with Kentucky Wesleyan to create a 3 + 3 program where a Wesleyan student could enter law school after his or her junior year and have the first year of law school also count for the senior year at Kentucky Wesleyan. I could not be happier to see our first student now enter UofL. While Alex is Wesleyan’s first to take this step, he certainly will not be our last, as now many others will see the incredible savings associated with attending Kentucky Wesleyan for pre-law work and then the University of Louisville for law school.”

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