Class of 2021 – Bailey Woodall Shares Appreciation for Opportunity

“As soon as I stepped on campus, KWC felt like home. I didn’t want to be just another number at a big university; I wanted the staff and students to truly know me. When I came for my first visit, the president of the school already knew exactly who I was. You’re not going to get that anywhere but Kentucky Wesleyan.

“My advisor, Andrew Bolin (assistant professor of communications), has really impacted me. He began at Wesleyan my sophomore year and took all of his students under his wing. He continued to look for internships and job openings that fit what I wanted to do after graduation. He truly cared about my future.

“Another person who has impacted my college experience is my coach, Miles Mallette. College athletics can be intense and hard to juggle with your everyday life. He made sure our academics came first and that we were able to have lives outside of softball. That was important for me because I was a student-athlete who worked a job, as well.

“Softball is my favorite memory from Wesleyan, especially my senior season. You take on a whole new appreciation for the sport when you know it’s your last year to play. Softball has been a part of my life longer than any friendship I’ve ever had. All the road trips, hotel stays and practices are memories I will cherish forever. I feel extremely blessed that I was able to be a part of college softball.

“I’m glad I chose Wesleyan because it truly got me where I am today. The closest relationships I have are with people I have met at Wesleyan. I chose to attend Wesleyan because I wanted to be known on this campus, and four years later, I can say that’s exactly what happened. When I graduate from here, I know I will be able to come back as an alumna, and my past professors will know who I am.  

“As an operations manager at Amazon, I will coach, develop and manage a team of 50-200 Amazon associates to make sure every customer’s order is fulfilled and delivered with the best customer service all the way from order placement to delivery.

“I got this job because an Amazon recruiter found my LinkedIn profile. This isn’t a position they had posted. They were looking for a college graduate. It was a very in-depth interview process, but Amazon made it simple. First, I had to pass an assessment test. When I passed, I made it to the actual interview, which was in three different parts with three different higher-ranking Amazon employees. That took around two hours. I received an official offer from Amazon five days later. I accepted the offer and was able to pick a location that was good for me. The entire process was amazing.  

“Wesleyan transformed me into an adult. I learned how to be independent, maintain relationships, manage my time and how to take care of myself.

“I often heard about relevant experience here at Wesleyan and how important it is. 

“Learning about relevant experience drove me to get internships and do jobs that would help with my future career. Before COVID hit, I did an internship with Kentucky Legend as their marketing intern. I wouldn’t have been able to get that experience without Wesleyan. Being able to go into an office and watch how a marketing team works gave me insight about my future. Getting relevant experience helped me land the job with Amazon.

“In my four years at Wesleyan, I experienced so much growth. Your early 20’s are confusing years, but here at KWC, I figured out who I am and where I want to be. I juggled being a student-athlete and working 25-40 hour weeks. Sometimes it was stressful, but it was worth it. You must go for what you want; success isn’t going to come from doing nothing.

“I am thankful for everything I experienced these four years. Kentucky Wesleyan College has given me so much in all areas of my life.”