Class of 2021 – Bronzon Yator Shares his KWC Experience

“I really love KWC. Everyone here is like family to me, and Coach Tony Rowe has treated me like a son.

“I have wanted to be a pharmacist since I was in high school, and Kentucky Wesleyan prepared me well for pharmacy school. Dr. Rachel Pritchard (associate professor of biology and division chair of natural sciences and mathematics) is my advisor, and she has done to so much to help me along the way. In addition to classes in my major, I also enjoyed Kathy Clary’s (instructor of history) history class.

“I was the recipient of the Rev. E.L. Wade Scholarship provided by his son, Michael Wade ’80, a kind and generous person. The help I got from him contributed to my stay and success at KWC.

“KWC is a welcoming place. When I arrived, I felt comfortable right away. Students involved in Campus Ministries showed me around, and Shawn Tomes ’94 (director of campus ministries) was nice and encouraging. I also remember Bart Darrell ’84 (former president) as a good guy who was very friendly.

“Americans everywhere are very friendly, too, and I found it interesting and enjoyable to travel around the country with the track and field team.

“It was great being a part of track and field, and Coach Rowe has always been good to me. I’ve spent a lot of time in his home, including Easter and Thanksgiving dinners.

“My brother, Boniface, who is in Kansas, and my parents in Kenya have always been very supportive and encouraging. I could not have made it this far without them.

“Now I’m ready for pharmacy school, thanks to my family and my relationships and experiences here. I will always be grateful.”