Class of 2022 Graduate Profile – Erin Sexsmith

“Everyone here at KWC is family oriented. I attended another college my freshman year, and KWC is night and day from that first year. Everyone is supportive and interested in the students. They want us to succeed, and they do everything they can to help us. I am so glad I transferred to Wesleyan.

“I have known since I was 10 years old that I want to be a veterinarian. I have been accepted to the veterinary medicine program at Michigan State. KWC prepared me well.

“My adviser, Dr. Rachel Pritchard, has been so supportive and helpful. I can’t say enough about what she has done for me. She helped with my resume and application, and she has been with me all the way.

“I am on the golf team, and Coach Ken Badylak has been very supportive, as well. He is interested in the team members and wants us to succeed.

“There is a lot to do on the KWC campus, lots of choices in activities and it has been easy to make friends.

“I have bittersweet feelings about leaving. It has been such a positive experience, but I am happy about my future. KWC helped me get to this point.”