Endowment Fund Report

An endowment to Kentucky Wesleyan College is a gift intended to permanently support a college program chosen by the donor. As seen in the graph pictured, our generous donors fund a variety of scholarships and programs at KWC. These funds provide a rich experience for our students by supporting athletics, academics, religion, the arts and more.

As of May 31, 2020 KWC’s endowment was valued at $32 million. It consists of a combination of the general endowment as well as more than 150 named, endowed funds (see below). Named funds allow our donors to create endowments in areas of need that they are passionate about while honoring a family member, loved one or another cause through naming the fund.

We are grateful for those who have contributed to this most essential aspect of the College’s financial health that enhances KWC and our students’ experiences, shaping them into future leaders. In FY20, the College’s endowment distributed 5% of the average fund value over the past nine quarters and is managed by an independent outside firm. KWC’s endowment follows a long-term investment strategy that invests in a 70/30 equity-to-fixed-income ratio.

CLICK HERE to request more information about creating an endowment, or call our Office of External Relations at 270-852-3274.

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Named Endowed Funds at Kentucky Wesleyan College

Academic Programming Endowment Fund

Barbara Rankin Scholarship

Ben Abbott International Soccer and Merit Scholarship Fund

Beth (Beeler) Howard ’86 Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund

Bevarly Scholarship Fund

Bishop Darlington Endowed Scholarship Fund

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners Scholarship

Bob and Erlene Himes Scholarship

Bruce Horrell Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

C.E. Field Scholarship

Carol Louise Walker Scholarship

Carrie Woodall Baldree Scholarship

Charles D. & Jeanette Bennett Scholarship

Charles J. Majors Scholarship

Charles Stauffer Memorial Scholarship

Charles Venable Scholarship

Chellgren Scholarship Fund

Clay Physical Education Award

Cochran Dorsey Memorial Scholarship

Cora Lillian Coakley and Henry Lewis Moss Scholarship

Crago-Britton Creative Writing Endowment

Dan C. and Elsie Ewing Scholarship

Dan King Library Science Memorial

Darr-Rader-Pfisterer Scholarship

Doug Kingsley Memorial Scholarship

Douglas Reid Sasser Scholarship

Dr. Billy B. Horrell Endowed Scholarship Fund

Drs. Connie White and Arba Kenner Chemistry Scholarship Fund

Dr. Diane Earle Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Edward L. Beavin Endowment Fund

Dr. Ernest Abernathy Scholarship

Dr. John West Kinney Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Paul W. Hagan Music Endowment

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Rhonda Mitzel Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. W.L. Magnuson Scholars Program

E.L. “Buddy” and Martha Gordon Memorial Scholarship

Ed Ryan Lecture Series

Edith Winn Scholarship

Ellen Sommer Purdom Scholarship

Elizabeth Munday Alumni Scholarship Award

Elizabeth Ray and Claude Caldwell Purdom Scholarship

Ellen Bourke Ewing Scholarship

Ellie Magnuson Literature and Science Endowment Fund

Ellie Magnuson Memorial Endowed Fellowship

Elmer Smith Scholarship

Elsum G. Hedges Scholarship

Eugene Minton Memorial Scholarship

Faculty Development Endowment Fund

Faculty Excellence Fund

Frank and Lucille Cox Scholarship

George Bagby Scholarship

George I. Alden Scholarship

George Rives Scholarship

Gilbert P. Robertson Scholarship

Gough-Martin Scholarship

Gracie Brashear Scholarship

Gus E. Paris Scholarship Award

Harold N. Taylor Scholarship

Hart Lecture Series Endowment

Hazel M. Roberts Memorial Scholarship

Helen Hart Endowed Scholarship

Henry M. Johnson Scholarship

Henry Milton and Nell Ball Pyles Memorial Fund

Henry P. Ford and Judith R. Ford Scholarship

Hilton (Lee) Kincaid Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hope B. Scott Scholarship

Irvine D. Daniels Memorial Scholarship

J.L. Clark Endowment

James Graham Brown Scholarship

James and Marilouise Chamberlain Scholarship

James and Shirley Thurmond Scholarship

Jane and Edward T. Watson Scholarship

Jane F. Hartsough Scholarship

Jane Forgy Speech Drama Award

Jane and Foster Sanders Scholarship

Jeff White and Charles Schmeal Scholarship

Jeffery Stein Scholarship

Joan Gray Capps Scholarship

John Jones Scholarship

John Swann Scholarship

Joyce S. Taylor Memorial Fund

Karen D. Fisher Physics-Chemistry Award

Katharyn Spencer Demaree and Denzil Claxton Demaree Scholarship

Kentucky Wesleyan College Athletic Endowment

Larry Nofsinger Memorial Scholarship

Laura Connor Endowed Scholarship Fund

Lee Cralle Scholarship

Lester E. Yeager Scholarship

Lexie Bryant Taylor Scholarship

Louise Kramer Scholarship

Lucille Savage Rogers and Frank Hubbard Rogers Scholarship

Lucy Lauenstein Moss Scholarship

MacHir and Grace Hutton Scholarship

Magee Christian Education Endowed Fund

Major Family Endowment

Malone Gaynor Scholarship

Marcia Smith Lawrence Appalachia Scholarship

Margaret White Endowed Fund

Margarine Bivins Clark Scholarship

Marguerite Haile Dravo Scholarship

Marie Gobmyer Hartford and James F. Hartford Scholarship

Mark C. Hedges Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mattie Hyams Scholarship Fund

Michael E. Horn Family Scholarship

Midwest Iron Workers Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Snyder Scholarship

Music Ministry Scholarship

Music Endowed Scholarship Fund

Nathan B. Allison Scholarship

Nathan Scott McGaw Scholarship

Osso Stanley Memorial Scholarship

Paul and Gladys J. Osborne Scholarship

Payton Adams Scholarship

Pearl Long Stiles Memorial Scholarship

Powell Peace Award

Pyles Scholarship Fund

Rev. Alvin Gilliam

Rev. Dr. Jerry Allen Smith and Carol G. Smith  Scholarship

Reverend Erskine L. Wade Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Richard and Julialee Brown Hudson Scholarship

Robert C. Dalzell Memorial Scholarship

Robert W. and Alta Moore Basketball Scholarship

Rose Bailey Slack Scholarship

Roy V. Pickerill Memorial Scholarship

Sara Brackett Roop Scholarship

Sloan Griffin Memorial Scholarship

Stanley Reed Lecture Endowed Fund

Sudduth Family Scholarship

Suzanne Ahnell Garden Fund

Talmage and Margaret Hocker Scholarship

T.D. and Rowena Everett Endowed Scholarship Fund

Terry Woodward Endowed Chair for Entrepreneurial Studies

Terry Woodward Scholarship

Theophia Oexmann Fine Arts Award

Thomas Kendall Chemistry Scholarship

Tom Ewell Drama Scholarship

Tommie J. Hillmon Scholarship

Traditions of Excellence Fund

Truman A. Morris Endowed Scholarship Fund

Vicki Lyle Combs Memorial Award for Distinguished Writing

Virginia Harris ”Shorty” Combs Scholarship

Wade Lecture Series Endowed Fund

William D. Crago Scholarship

William “Jack” Turbeville Scholarship

Wood and Marie Hannah Foundation Scholarship

Woodford B. Troutman Scholarship

Wyndall Smith Scholarship

Yu Hak Hahn Scholarship