Faculty Focus: Heather Logsdon

Why is KWC so special to you?

Hands down, … the relationships built in learning!! I met my best friend, former English Professor Joey Connelly, my first-year teaching while he mentored me as “new faculty” and we are still best friends today! He taught me so much. I know what my students from my first graphic design class (from 11 years ago) are doing today. I’ve watched my Art Minions come in as unsure freshmen and now are business owners. They taught me as much as I taught them. I’m proud to see one of my former Art Minions, Mr. Brandon Harper, as a KWC Art Adjunct Professor. 

I remember my first faculty procession. Mrs. Peggie Greer helped me with my gown and hood. I was nervous! I was the very LAST person to process in, but it was so new and exciting that I was happy to just be a part of the line. At that end of the line, I peered around to look ahead of me at these extraordinary professors that I wanted to be like: Dr. Diane Earle, Dr. Suzanne Rose, Dr. Roger Gardner, Dr. Ken Ayers, Dr. Mason Horrell, Dr. Scot Payne, Dr. Randall Vogt, … and many more! Now, I have the honor of being a faculty co-marshal with Dr. Scot Payne at our upcoming 2022 Commencement!! People make KWC special with their gift of teaching, learning, support, and love. 

Favorite Course to Teach

I am an ART NERD! I love all areas of art, so this is a hard question for me. Ultimately, I would have to pick ART100 Art Survey that teaches Prehistoric Art to Modern Art History. Why? Art History incorporates all disciplines: 

  • Multicultural historical perspectives in global History
  • Psychology in the Surrealists
  • Math in Classical Antiquity architecture
  • DaDa in Literature
  • Illustration in Poetry
  • Medical illustration in Biology
  • Political science issues of war with Cubism
  • Chemistry in Ceramics
  • Christian Art in Religion
  • Stage crafting in Theatre 
  • …and so much more!

Art incorporates problem-solving, critical thinking, research, and CREATING!! ART100 Art Survey is my favorite because freshman can relate in some way with the interdisciplinary art movements and I love watching students (especially non-art majors) light up when we do art activities in class! It’s a learning party in my classroom and everyone is invited!

What was your favorite research project you’ve done and what you thought was the coolest/most interesting aspect of it?

My favorite research project was conducted at Yale University on the “Sublime Painters” under Dr. Tim Barringer. Seeing Cole’s actual studio and paint palette was amazing. The Yale Library’s primary art sources were exceptional. Coolest aspect to brag about – I held Turner’s sketchbook in my hands (…be jealous). 

What course is most helpful to students?

Without a doubt, the most beneficial course for my students would be ART403 Internship. I have so many majors that took an Academic Internship that led to a job in their junior or senior year! The real-world experience can open doors for students and give them the upper-hand in the hiring process.

What message do you want to share with students? 

The greatest people in history failed multiple times and kept going. Successful presidents, scientists, writers, singers, and even visual artists failed! My message is to keep going in the face of failure!! When it seems too hard to achieve, keep going and you will achieve it! When it seems like the career of your choice is out of reach, keep going and you will grab it! Don’t be afraid to fail at something because that’s when you learn the most! Explore! Experience! Do it now! Keep learning every day, even after graduation. Education is a power that no one can take away from you. Use your education to create your life because you will spend the better part of your life at your job, …so love it! Love your job and you will have succeeded in life. You got this!!