From the Pitcher’s Mound to the Courtroom

Henderson County High School

Major: Legal Studies

Accepted to three law schools

Maci Brown describes Kentucky Wesleyan as the “perfect fit” – a small college in close proximity to home with a legal studies program, softball team and excellent academic reputation.

“I decided as a high school junior that I was going to law school,” explained Maci. “I loved the Legal Studies Program; reading about the law, U.S. Constitution and case briefs. It’s all fascinating. I haven’t had one boring moment here.”

She did an internship with the Daviess County District Attorney and sat in on a preliminary hearing for a murder trial and observed cases from DUI’s to speeding tickets to domestic violence. “It was interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes, and I appreciate that President Darrell went out of his way to help me get the internship.”

She described her political science professors as helpful and encouraging. “Bill Conroy [Professor Emeritus] was very tough and challenging. I know he helped prepare me for law school, and I’m grateful.” She said Eric Schmidt [Assistant Professor] was supportive when she prepared law school applications and made himself available to answer questions. “Both of them made a difference in my life, and helped prepare me for a law career.”

Maci’s learning experiences were not confined to the classroom and courtroom. “I learned a lot on the pitcher’s mound, too,” said Maci, “My freshman year, we started the season at 0-13, but we never gave up and ended the year with a 25-23 record. The next year we worked hard together with a lot of determination and won the conference championship.” She said softball coach Miles Mallette cared about the team and supported their efforts on and off the field. “He wants his players to do well in life. It’s about a lot more than winning games to him.”

She also held down two jobs her first three years and one her senior year. “I learned how to manage my time and how to create a balanced life, and I had fun doing it. I’m ready for law school.”

Congratulations, Maci. We know you will take The Wesleyan Way with you.