Housing/Commuter Form

Please verify the following information is correct. If there is a mistake in any of the information, please contact Lori Etheridge, Director of Residence Life, at 270-852-3284 or [email protected]


Demographic Information


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Housing Information


If you plan to live on campus, please verify that the following information is correct.

I have requested a roommate  

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I understand that I am providing my housing preference and that my room assignment will be made based on date of deposit and completion of my Housing Application. Providing my preference does not guarantee my housing assignment.  

If I have a chronic condition or physical limitation that warrants special housing considerations,  I did attach a physician’s letter to the Housing/Commuter Form indicating the type of accommodations I need.    

I have completed the Residential Student Questionnaire (the second page of the Housing/Commuter Form.)    



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