In Memoriam – Luther White III

The Kentucky Wesleyan College family mourns the passing of Luther White III, who served as the president of the College from 1979 – 1988. White passed away Jan. 9, 2015.

“Luther White was a great president and an even greater person,” said President Barton D. Darrell.  “He was the president when I was a student at Kentucky Wesleyan.  He was also a lawyer and was one of the reasons I went on to law school and entered the practice of law.  Luther White led so many amazing changes at Kentucky Wesleyan, and was a significant force in Owensboro and Daviess County.  Though saddened by his passing, the entire Wesleyan family is better off because of Luther White – a man whose life was well lived.”

The obituary for Luther White III is located here

Memories of President White

Dr. W. L. Magnuson, Professor of Chemistry

“President White served the College well. He cared about Wesleyan and was committed to academic programs. He was a fine Southern gentleman.”

Mike Pollio, Athletics Director and Head Basketball Coach, 1980 – 1988

“He was a wonderful person who understood what the college needed, and he approached his responsibilities in a very strategic and enthusiastic manner. He was perfect for Kentucky Wesleyan and great to work for.”

Rev. Glenn Sowards, Trustee Emeritus

“Luther White was always on the job; he had Wesleyan in his heart and on his mind constantly throughout his tenure. He had a warm and cordial spirit, and he related well to our students. He loved Wesleyan, and he loved Owensboro. He was very committed to the community and represented the College well.”

Cindra Stiff, Vice President of Finance

“President White enjoyed working to provide higher education experiences for students.    He hired me and then provided numerous opportunities to learn so much from him.   He was a tremendous mentor, a distinguished man of faith who led the college with faith-based decisions and commitment that served the College and our community well.”

Harold L. Hall ’71

“The White years were a great time of progress and growth at Kentucky Wesleyan. President White and his wife, Patricia, gave their best to the College, and they will always be remembered with respect and affection.”

Memorial Service

Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016
11 a.m.
Centenary United Methodist Church
Lynchburg, Va.