Introducing Whitney Nall


Controller, Business Office


Auburn University, BA in criminology, BS in accounting

Career highlights:
“I became a certified public accountant in 2011 and worked for Ernst & Young in Tampa. Most recently, I have been an auditor for Ebelhar Whitehead, PLLC, here in Owensboro.”

Why did you choose Wesleyan?
“I like working for non-profits because feel like I can make a difference. I worked for a non-profit and managed day care and Head Start programs, and I found that very rewarding. I know I will feel the same way about Wesleyan.”

What was your first job, and what is something you learned that you still use in the workplace?
“I worked in the restaurant at the Owensboro Country Club, where I learned to work hard and do my best.”

Your favorite professional sports team?
Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL

Favorite books?
“’A Song of Ice and Fire” comes to mind first, along with the rest of the “Game of Thrones” series. I also love the works of John Steinbeck.”

Favorite movies?
Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

Favorite vacation spot?
“I love the Rocky Mountains, and I love the West, especially Colorado.”

“I attend a lot of rock concerts in various places, and I also enjoy bike riding, listening to music and playing drums and guitar.”

You can invite three people (living/dead/fictional) to a dinner party.
Who would you invite?

“I will start with Mark Twain and add Nikola Tesla and John Bonham, the drummer for Led Zeppelin. That is a diverse group and should make for an interesting evening.”

Thank you, Whitney, and welcome to Wesleyan!