Campus Network & Wi-Fi


Connecting to the KWC Wi-Fi is easy! Every student at the beginning of every school year is given a unique Wi-Fi password that they can use on up to 5 devices. Follow the two simple steps below to connect your device.

  1. Start by checking your KWC email for your Wi-Fi password. The email will come from our Wi-Fi service provider, CloudPath. When searching for your Wi-Fi password, be sure to search your inbox for CloudPath.
  2. Once you have your unique Wi-Fi password, go into the Wi-Fi settings on your device. Find the KWC_IT Wi-Fi network and input your unique password.

Having trouble finding your CloudPath Wi-Fi password email, or is your current password not working? No worries. Request a new one by filling out the form below.


Wi-Fi Password Request



Bringing a gaming station to campus? Awesome! Each dorm room is equipped with two ethernet connections. For a better gaming experience, the KWC IT office recommends hardwiring the internet connection. Be sure to pack your own ethernet cable and simply plug and play.

Please note that Wi-Fi boosters and individual routers are not allowed on campus and should not be connected to the KWC network for any reason.